Artery Hardening Problems Caused by Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a gradually affecting disease related to hardening of the arteries. Plaques which are called the cholesterol substances are the substances which are supposed to get deposited on the walls of the arteries as a result of which the arteries get hardened. The plaque sometime do also causes the shortening of the lumen called the innerchannel.

The arteries are responsible to send blood filled with oxygen and other nutrients to parts of bodies. Brain, Liver, kidneys and heart are the major parts / organs are known as the most sensitive parts of the body. They get extraneously cared blood from the heart. Muscles, skin, bones, nerves, toes and the fingers and each of the parts of the body are known to get the blood from the heart. The blood reaches to these parts through veins called arteries.

On suffering from the Atherosclerosis the arteries are contracted and hence prevent easy flowing of blood to various parts of the body. If blood could not easily reach to the parts of the body then the patients are supposed to get pain in the part of body. Sometime blood clots can also cause the complete blockage of the artery. This then results in either injured or dead tissues. The blocking of arteries carrying blood to the brain causes heart stroke.

How the atherosclerosis is defined In Greece athere is referred to gruel and skleros refers to hard. Hence the meaning of the word Atherosclerosis is simple and clear from the two Greece words through which it is formed of. It is just a very simple progressive and long process. It is also known as such a disease which might be related to any other disease related to heart.

In short the Atherosclerosis definition refers to a term which is specially characterized by the blockage of the blood carrying arteries caused by the substance called plaques. The plaque is usually composed of the cholesterol as a major substance or related lipids. Other reasons due to which the arteries get blocked are calcium deposits, inflammatory cells etc.

It is the plaque due to which the slowness of blood flow is mainly caused through. Sometime if it ruptures then it may also cause the complete blockage of the arteries. This is somewhat severe type of Atherosclerosis which is needed the special intervention by the doctors so that it can easily be cured and rid of.

The Atherosclerosis disease is also referred sometime through some other names called the Arteriosclerosis, Atherosclerosis plaque or the hardening of the arteries.