Aurapharm: Former Popular Online Pharmaceutical Store

Aura Pharmaceutical Specialties (Aurapharm) is an online pharmaceutical store that is based in Europe and has been a pharmaceutical distributor since 2002. This online drug store lacks an About Page and so it’s mission as well as the exact type of drug they sell could not be easily determined, however, from the home page, there are a number of medications available including Mood stabilizers, anti-virals, pills for pain and migraine management, pills for Men’s health, Antipsychotic, Antidepressants, Anti-asthmatics, Birth control, AntiEstrogens/Clomid, Dopamine agonists among others.

Prospective buyers who want to make payment for medications purchased on the website of Aurapharm have to do so using a credit card and in case of questions or complaints, they could reach the customer care representatives using the email addresses provided at the bottom of the homepage. The company claims to respond to customer inquiries within 24 hours of sending a request. This is the only option of communication available to buyers who want to make inquiries as there are no telephone numbers and the website does not feature live chats.

Refunds for products purchased which are not to the taste of a buyer are allowed on this online pharmaceutical store, however, there are certain conditions that must be fulfilled to facilitate a successful refund including first informing the store (possibly via the provided email addresses) immediately so that a return address where the product will be shipped to will be provided and in case of an exchange, the product must be returned in its original condition as well as in its original packaging in order to ensure safe shipment.

Aurapharm Reviews – Find Out if Aurapharm Legit

The website for Aura Pharmaceutical Specialties does not feature reviews from customers who have purchased from the website, however, popular forums for drug reviews feature Aurapharm customer comments from various parts of the world. The user reviews obtained from these sites were a blend of both positive and negative comments that can help a prospective buyer make up his mind properly instead of making an uninformed decision that may not turn out well. A few of these candid customer reviews are shown in the screenshots below

Customer Review - https://www

Customer Review –

Hardwood24 who has been purchasing medications from Aurapharm for some years now once ordered medication using the website but did not receive his order

Hardwood24 who has been purchasing medications from Aurapharm for some years now once ordered medication using the website but did not receive his order. After some time, (He did not state exactly when he placed the order) he received an email from Aurapharm and after making complaints about his order, the customer care representatives apologized and explained the reason for the delayed order and promised that there would not be a future repeat of delayed orders as they had improved their customer support. After this conservation, he received his order and even placed a second order and concluded by saying that this pharmaceutical vendor is highly reliable and fast to respond to customer complaints.

Darren, another longtime customer of Aurapharm was satisfied with the services offered by Aurapharm. He, however, mentioned the occasional struggle the website has accepting credit cards for payment and the sometimes slow response of the customer support. He commended the pharmaceutical vendor for the timely way his order arrived and he went further to recommend Aurapharm for other customers. He also advised that before making a purchase from their website, it was best to speak to the customer support representatives first.

Aurapharm Shipping Time – Find Out How Long It Will Take To Get Medications Purchased On

Aurapharm offers worldwide delivery to its customers. Their website claims that all orders received are handled with “the strictest discretion” and are sent by registered airmail to the buyer’s destination address. Orders above 250 US dollars are shipped without an additional shipping cost whereas those below 250 US dollars attract an extra $20 as shipping fee regardless of the destination. As already mentioned, customers who are not satisfied with products that receive may opt for a full refund or an exchange of the product.

Once an order is placed using Aurapharm website and has been processed, it is shipped and customers can expect to receive their medications within few days or longer depending on a customer’s location. Aurapharm assures its customer that orders received are dispatched within 2 to 3 business days and that as soon as orders are shipped, customers immediately get a notification via mail about the shipment. Deliveries by registered airmail to European countries usually takes about 5 to 7 business days while that to the United States may take up to 10 days after dispatch. Those located outside these countries may have to wait for as much as 15 days to get their shipment.

Customer reviews as regards the shipping time of Aurapharm are also mixed. From the screenshots shown previously, Hardwood24 and Daren were satisfied with the shipping services whereas, another user was totally disappointed commenting that for over a month and a half, his order had still not arrived and he had not heard anything from the sales department. In this kind of situation, the website suggests that customers who do not get an email after placing an order indicating that it has been received and is being processed should immediately contact the support agents to check the transaction.


Aurapharm is a pharmaceutical vendor website that has detailed product list with low prices. It does not feature many payment methods and the means of communication available to the public is also limited. Although the prices for different medications are on the low side, customers who hope to save extra cash using this website may not be opportune to do so as there were no available coupon codes that allow for such.

Customer reviews for Aurapharm were not all positive and while it is known that the website occasionally had issues to sort out, very recent reviews suggest that there may be an improvement especially in customer support and delivery of products to customers.

Finding a trustworthy online pharmaceutical store is becoming increasingly difficult as there are only a few. Illegal online pharmacy stores are slowly taking over the internet, selling medications that are of low quality to buyers. To avoid putting your health at risk and to get the best value for your money we suggest you consult our list of top recommended online pharmacies.