Will You Get What You Want on Time? started its operations on the web back in the year 2004. The store has been selling both drugs that don’t require a prescription and those which require a prescription for over 14 years now. During this period, the store has served more than 100,000 customers. The store claims that they are the best store offering the most competitive prices. They source the medications that they sell from their affiliated international pharmacies and other pharmacies that are located in Canada. They state that they have an excellent customer service department and your products will reach you fast since their shipping does not take long.

If you are in Canada and you happen to order your meds from the pharmacy, these will be dispensed by Candrug. Their international products are dispensed by various overseas partners including Mauritius, Turkey, the UK, New Zealand, and others. The store has been verified by and we were able to find their profile on the official Pharmacy Checker’s website. The store is also accredited by CIPA which makes sure that any pharmacy operating from Canada follows the required rules and regulations. The store does not have any coupons; however, they offer you the chance to earn 25 dollars when you refer your friends to buy their meds from the store. Reviews

We searched for reviews for This is the step that we always recommend you to take before you can finally order your drugs from a pharmacy. The reviews that we found online contained mixed reactions in them with some people saying that they were satisfied with the services and the products that they received and others saying that they were not satisfied. We have the reviews here so that you can read them yourself:

CanadaDrugsOnline Reviews (Source:

The first reviewer states that he has had a fantastic experience with He says that his package was late and the customer service agent was not very co-operative. When he called the pharmacy staff, they acted in a professional way. They gave him the information he required regarding his package in less than a day as well as apologizing for the delay. He recommends avoiding their email service. The customer service was brilliant.

Jocasta states that he tried to contact twice via email and all his messages were ignored. He was forced to call them and they informed him that the drug had been lost and that they had been calling everyone who had been affected that same day. Jocasta doubted this. They stated that they were not sure about when the replacement shipping would arrive. Jocasta asked them to expedite the shipping since he needed the medications soon and they said that the customs were the ones causing the hold-up. Jocasta was forced to pay 6 times more for the same meds in the United States so that his family would be covered while he waited for the meds to arrive. When he asked them whether they would be compensating him they said that they would pay for the next shipment which would only amount to only $10.

Gates states that he has used to get meds for his dog that is not available in the United States. He has bought from them several times and he was satisfied. When he was writing the review, he had received a medication that had a short expiration date (3 months). The store refused to replace the drug or refund him since they insisted that the drug would be finished before three months were over. He gave the pharmacy a poor rating due to their poor customer care. He will be using a different pharmacy the next time he is buying meds. Cialis

You will pay 70 dollars for your Cialis pill in your hometown drugstore. We decided to see the prices that you would be offered at As it turns out, it will cost you less to treat your impotence when you buy your tadalafil from The brand version has the following cost:

CanadaDrugsOnline Brand Cialis Cost

The cheapest brand Cialis is manufactured in Turkey. The most expensive originates from Canada and the United Kingdom. When you buy the package that has 32 pills in it, you will pay $13.72 per pill which is the lowest price. Buying eight pills of brand Cialis from Turkey will require you to pay $21.25 per pill.

CanadaDrugsOnline Generic Cialis Cost

The lowest price is available when you purchase 64 tablets. You will pay $2.42 per pill. The highest price is available when you buy generic Cialis which originates from Canada. You will pay $4.34 for each pill if you buy the package that has 32 pills in it. The price for generic Cialis also increases as the number of pills that you purchase decreases. Phone Number

Before you order your drugs from any pharmacy, you have to ask yourself whether you will be able to reach them quickly if need be. We decided to find their contact details and make it easier for you to contact Here are their contact details:

CanadaDrugsOnline Contact Details

The customer service who work at are in office between 5:30 am to 6:00 pm during weekdays. On weekends, they will be in the office between 7:00 am and 3:30 pm. Their toll-free telephone number is 1-877-900-3784 while their toll-free fax is 1-866-364-9983. They have an email which is [email protected] You can visit them in their physical address which is located in Surrey British Columbia.

Summary is a pharmacy that has been proven by the reviews present in this article to offer unreliable services. Some of the people they have served are satisfied while others are not. For this reason, we do not recommend you to order your meds from the pharmacy. What we recommend you do is to use our top-rated catalog and enjoy great services, great medications, and fast delivery that you can always rely on. The customer support that you find in the stores available in this catalog will always prioritize your needs.