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Canadian Pharmacies Mail Order

Most consumers prefer to purchase prescription-only drugs online mainly because of cost, convenience and privacy and most of these consumers make such purchase from Canadian Mail Order pharmacies since the drugs are exactly the same (the prescriptions are no different) and the only major difference is the prices. The major problem that is associated with buying medications from these pharmacies is that customers may not be able to properly verify whether or not an online pharmacy is legitimate or not since websites that may seem genuine from Canada from their appearance may turn out to be an illegal website from any part of the world.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) acknowledges that Canadian mail order pharmacies exist and are real and that customers may trust such legitimate websites and purchase medications safely. It also recognizes that most of these acclaimed Canadian online pharmacies are not legitimate and may deceive unsuspecting buyers to purchase a drug that is not only illegal but potentially dangerous to one’s health. In fact, these illegal pharmacies may even sell prescription-only drugs that in most cases were not even manufactured in Canada.

Although most of these Canadian online pharmacies are illegal, there are still a few of them that ensure that customers get the best medications at a lower cost. These pharmacies usually have websites that offer not only approved products but top rated services to customers including providing relevant information on any drug that is sold (dosage and side effects) and providing a reliable means to answer questions and may even offer solutions for complaints made by customers. Buyers are then faced with the task of determining whether or not a Canadian mail order pharmacy is certified and safe for use.

Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy Reviews and Complaints

Since the number of Canadian Mail Order Pharmacies is increasing by the day, it is important for consumers who want to try out these pharmacies to get useful information on which pharmacy to trust to get high-quality medications. Prospective customers who want to get such information may dedicate time and resources going over the reviews and comments of past customers who have made a purchase from these online pharmacies. A few of these customer reviews of different Canadian Mail Order Pharmacies are shown in the screenshots below

Canadian Pharmacies Mail Order

Customer Reviews

Mike, a buyer form Georgia placed an order for a sunscreen using a Canadian Online Pharmacy even though the price was unreasonably high. He states that about 30 minutes after he placed the order, he was immediately charged the amount for the product he ordered. The online pharmacy confirmed his order four days after it was placed and a week later informed him that the product was out of stock and that he still has not received a refund of the amount he was charged. He was not happy with the outcome and advised that buyers beware purchasing medications from Canadian Mail Order Pharmacies.

Customer TestimonialDiana, another individual who has used a Canadian pharmacy, states that although she placed an order from a website that claimed to be a Canadian pharmacy, the drugs she received were dispatched and shipped directly from India and that although the drugs looked like the original, they had a horrible smell and she had to throw them away suggesting that though these websites may have “Canada” in their name but that the drugs distributed to buyers are actually from other countries.

How To Find Reliable Canadian Mail Order Pharmacies

While customer reviews seem to portray Canadian Mail Order Pharmacies as a scam, customers are assured that there are still reputable online pharmacies located in Canada that only care about a patient’s health and so distributes only high-quality medications to its customers. There are some steps that prospective buyers must take to ensure that they are not cheated and deceived into purchasing low-quality medication and that the prescription drug they place an order for actually comes from a legitimate online pharmacy in Canada and not from another country.

First, buyers need to be certain that an acclaimed Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy is actually verified. Most of these online drug stores carry the seal of verification by various health bodies but this may not mean that they are verified. For example, PharmacyChecker advises that online websites carrying their seal are verified only when the resulting pop-up is a address when the seal is clicked suggesting that Canadian pharmacies that claim to be verified by Pharmacy Checker may not necessarily be verified if the process outlined above does not work on the website.

Another step buyers can take to ensure that they only get their medications from Canada is making sure to inform the online store that only medications from Canada should be sent. This is especially important when an online Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy does not show the price for medications available and prices in pharmacies in different countries. It is also important for buyers to ask exactly where medications sold on a website are gotten from and a real Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy will always give customers that information. Consult our List of Approved Online Pharmacies to select a reliable provider.

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Canadian Mail Order Pharmacies are becoming increasingly popular since they offer medications at a very low cost when compared to local retail drugstores. Because they are popularly used by a large number of persons, so many illegal online pharmacies have been set up that claim to be based in Canada but are actually located in other countries and deliver medications that have not been manufactured under regulated conditions to buyers.

Customer reviews about Canadian Mail Order Pharmacies were not positive and while it is true that finding a reliable Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy may be a daunting task, it is actually possible to order medications of high-quality safely and legally and so to help prospective buyers who want to purchase medications at a reduced cost and save cash while managing different health complications, we have compiled a list of top recommended online pharmacies that can help reduce the time spent looking for reliable pharmacies.