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Hair grows at almost everywhere on to the human’s skin except at the places like on palms of the hands and on the soles of the feet, but there are many hairs that are so fine that they are virtually not visible from the eyes. A hair is supposed to be made of a protein which is called keratin. This protein is supposed to be produced in the hair follicles on the outer layer / side of our skin.

Now as and when the follicles produces the new hair cell all the old cell are supposed to being pushed off through the outer surface of our skin. This is usually done at a rate of around six inch a year. This is why the hair that you can see from your eyes is in actually only a string of the dead keratin cells which is produced as the result of it. Any one of the person who has average hair head has around 100,000 to the 150,000 number of hair and he is also supposed to lose around 100 hairs of them for each day. This is why the fact is that you should not be worried so much on finding few of the stray hair present in your hairbrush and hence it is not necessarily should be considered a cause of alarm for you.

Types of hair loss

The hair loss is usually divided in many forms. The diligence of all these type of hair loss is basically named as the alopecia. The most common types of the hair loss are defined below.

Androgenic alopecia: it is known as one of the most common form of hair loss problem through which both men and women are suffered from. It sometime is also known as the baldness of the male pattern which is characterized as the loss or thinning of the hair present on to the crown of head which is receding from temple of the head.

Alopecia universal is: it is known as the other type of hair loss which is supposed to describe with the complete loss of the hairs which are present on the scalp as well as on the body of the person suffering.

Alopecia total is: this is a type of hair loss which is usually described as the loss of all the hair which is present on the scalp of the body of the person who suffers from it.

Alopecia are at a: this is known to be such a condition which is caused whenever the body’s immune system goes to attack on the hair follicles as a result of which it disrupts the normal hair growth and its formation.

Marginal alopecia, traction alopecia, chignon alopecia are the other common types of hair loss.

Those who suffer from a social phobia disorder have an amplified mind-sight. This means they are constantly thinking about how others view them.

This causes anxiety in a variety of situations, like introducing yourself to strangers, engaging in small talk, attending parties or social gatherings, talking in front of a group, revealing your true self, making small talk, and using the washroom or eating in public.

Do you experience social phobia symptoms, such as trouble breathing, trembling, blushing, a racing heart, shaky voice, negative self-talk and feelings of insecurity, while interacting with others?

If you have a social anxiety phobia, your heightened mind-sight, not only causes you to panic, but also worry that others will notice these symptoms, which will cause you to panic even more. It is a vicious cycle.

You have created an unrealistic expectation that everyone has to like you.

Furthermore, you are prone to misinterpret that people are showing cues that they disapprove of you, when a lot of the time these cues are non-existent.

To start overcoming your social phobia anxiety, you need to tell yourself that it is impossible to be liked by everyone and it is perfectly acceptable to disagree with someone or to make mistakes in social situations.

Consistently adopting this positive self-talk is just the beginning of conquering your fear.

Learning to be Assertive

Many people who struggle with social phobia anxiety disorder attempt never to disagree with others. Can you relate to this?

Is it difficult for you to voice your own opinions and stand up for yourself?

Is it hard to tell a cashier that they haven’t given you enough change or to say no to someone even though you really want to decline?

Chances are you avoid confrontations for the same reason that you have a fear of social situations.

You are scared that you will look ridiculous, that someone won’t like you or that the panic symptoms you are experiencing will be obvious to those you are interacting with.

You probably leave these situations thinking “I should have said that…”

To overcome this shyness social phobia, you need to learn and practice assertiveness. You need to be able to say out loud what you wish you could have said.

To get comfortable with assertiveness, role-play with a friend you trust. Ask him or her to debate over a topic with you, where you each take a different stance.

This is a dress-rehearsal for actual scenarios and you will gain confidence to express your own valuable opinions.

As you interact with friends and then acquaintances in real-life situations, tell yourself ahead of time, and during conversations, that you will say what you actually mean, even if it is an opposing view.

Reaffirm that you will not apologize for disagreeing. The key is not to be emotional or aggressive, but assertive and calm.

Most people that do not have a social phobia disorder will respect you for your genuine dialogue. Debate is a healthy activity and most people will not be offended if you have a dissimilar view.

Keep telling yourself these things and do not back down. The more you expose yourself to these situations, the less anxiety it will be for the next time.

Getting to the Core of Your Fears

Another part of overcoming your social phobia disorder is through understanding your anxiety and getting to the core of your fears.

Think about each type of situation where you experience social phobia symptoms.

One scenario could be making small talk with a stranger at a party, for example. Now ask yourself, why this situation is uncomfortable.

For instance, “Making small talk with a stranger causes me to talk in a shaky voice”. Keep on asking yourself why each step bothers you.

First you might say, “He will notice I am talking in a shaky voice”. Then, you may say, “He will think I am strange or socially incompetent”.

Finally, you may conclude “He or nobody else at the party will want to talk to me and I will never be able to make new friends again.”

If you now, rationally, look at your surface fear, which was being anxious about talking in a shaky voice, it seems to be a far cry from the fear of never meeting new friends ever again.

The conscious part of your brain tells you that your core fear is irrational. It is now time to retrain your subconscious brain not to react to these irrational fears.

Start by changing your core fear beliefs by writing down positive statements, like “I have some fascinating things to say in a conversation; even if I talk in a shaky voice at first, most people will not mind”.

The next time you engage in a small talk conversation, you can also use diversion tactics, like concentrating fully on what the other person is saying, or on asking intriguing questions, rather than on your own anxious thoughts.

Diversion strategies and positive self-talk will help you relax, and ultimately make your voice less shaky.

The lupus disease can show many type of symptoms. This is why the lupus patients are required to consult from different doctors in order to treat different symptoms. The team of the lupus care provider may include a family doctor, rheumatologists, clinical immunologists, Nephrologists, Hematologists, dermatologists, Neurologists, cardiologists, Endocrinologists, Nurses, psychologists and social workers.

It is your family doctor who can set for the exact treatment plan for you that suits to the requirements of your body. It is you and the doctor of you who should review the health / treatment plan at times in order to known that whether the developed plan is actually working well or not. It is you who should regularly report the symptoms of yours to your doctor. If you will do so then the doctor can also be able to change the treatment plan in case if required. Reducing damage to the organs, treating flares on appearing, preventing flares on appearing are some of the major goals of the lupus treatment process.

During the treatment of lupus disease the drugs are given to reduce the inflammation, pain or swelling. The drugs are also aimed to reduce / prevent flares, helping the working of immune system, preventing or reducing joint damage and balancing the hormones. For infection, high blood pressure and cholesterol related problems sometime other than lupus treatment methods are also followed. These treatment methods act as the additional methods for the treatment of the lupus disease. They are preferred by the doctors to be given to the patients in case if the patients are showing the severe symptoms of such disease along with the symptoms of lupus. This is because sometime the additional treatment for other diseases can also impact badly on the health of the person.

The alternative treatments for lupus are those treatment methods which are not a part of the standard treatment method. Among so many patients, treatment method followed still it is not sure for lupus disease that this particular method will work well for the treatment of it. This is why is very necessary in case of lupus to consult from your doctor.

It is the patient also who can play a major role in lupus treatment process. In case if any of the symptoms like dizziness, headache, stomach ache, fever, rash , pain or feeling of tiredness occurs then the patients are required to consult to the doctor immediately or just as soon as possible. They can also find the initial ways to cope from it on their own.

Acne outbreaks are an unpleasant condition that affects many people in the world in a while or other inside their lives (usually in their teenage existence). Its triggered by over active oil glands creating a lot of sebum (natural natural skin oils). This can lead to hair follicles and hair hair hair follicles being clogged, and bacteria and infection disbursing. Acne, spots and acne are triggered through the tenderness connected while using acne.

People have observed with acne for any very long time. Formerly, just as they are the problem today, acne could have a significant effect on the sufferers self esteem. Because of this, people allow us various home remedies for acne who advertise to apparent it quickly. Some home cures are pretty strange including mouthwash and mustard but other people are rooted in herbal lore and homeopathy. Natural aloe-vera, nettles and rose water are normal elements of acne remedies.

Its not easy to judge the success rate you will probably have with homemade acne remedies. To begin with, due to there being little record data on home cures, really the only evidence they tasks are anecdotal. Some remedies might help your acne, but it is difficult to say with certainty which ones in what degree. Next, acne remedies works in different ways on every individuals skin. A home pimple remedy that labored well for that mother may possibly not have any noticeable effect on the spots and blemishes inside your face.

As with all acne cures, if you want to rely on the homemade remedy, make certain to consider a tenacious approach. Never give up just before the therapy has received time and energy to apparent your spots, but, however, dont keep on by getting an product for age groups when not working.

Atherosclerosis is a gradually affecting disease related to hardening of the arteries. Plaques which are called the cholesterol substances are the substances which are supposed to get deposited on the walls of the arteries as a result of which the arteries get hardened. The plaque sometime do also causes the shortening of the lumen called the innerchannel.

The arteries are responsible to send blood filled with oxygen and other nutrients to parts of bodies. Brain, Liver, kidneys and heart are the major parts / organs are known as the most sensitive parts of the body. They get extraneously cared blood from the heart. Muscles, skin, bones, nerves, toes and the fingers and each of the parts of the body are known to get the blood from the heart. The blood reaches to these parts through veins called arteries.

On suffering from the Atherosclerosis the arteries are contracted and hence prevent easy flowing of blood to various parts of the body. If blood could not easily reach to the parts of the body then the patients are supposed to get pain in the part of body. Sometime blood clots can also cause the complete blockage of the artery. This then results in either injured or dead tissues. The blocking of arteries carrying blood to the brain causes heart stroke.

How the atherosclerosis is defined In Greece athere is referred to gruel and skleros refers to hard. Hence the meaning of the word Atherosclerosis is simple and clear from the two Greece words through which it is formed of. It is just a very simple progressive and long process. It is also known as such a disease which might be related to any other disease related to heart.

In short the Atherosclerosis definition refers to a term which is specially characterized by the blockage of the blood carrying arteries caused by the substance called plaques. The plaque is usually composed of the cholesterol as a major substance or related lipids. Other reasons due to which the arteries get blocked are calcium deposits, inflammatory cells etc.

It is the plaque due to which the slowness of blood flow is mainly caused through. Sometime if it ruptures then it may also cause the complete blockage of the arteries. This is somewhat severe type of Atherosclerosis which is needed the special intervention by the doctors so that it can easily be cured and rid of.

The Atherosclerosis disease is also referred sometime through some other names called the Arteriosclerosis, Atherosclerosis plaque or the hardening of the arteries.