Affordable Drugs – Introducing Generic Meds with Prices Which are Exceedingly Lower Than Brands

Affordable medicines are the cry of the patients’ hearts right now—given the rising costs of medicines (especially those manufactured by massive pharmaceutical companies), buyers are seeking affordable medicines. We can’t blame people for seeking low-cost medicines since most of the patients barely afford exorbitant doctor visits, let alone the steeply priced medicines that come with the consultations.

Sadly, although healthcare and insurance are available, not everyone can afford insurance or basic healthcare coverage and in most cases, healthcare packages or insurances refuse to cover specific medicines. These circumstances unknowingly force buyers into looking beyond the confines of brick and mortar pharmacies and face the dangers of ordering medicines from remote pharmacies in order to maximize savings—or at least afford their medications.

Are there affordable drugs for my medical condition?

Contrary to what big drug companies insist on, patients actually have a plethora of choices for their medications. There are what we call “generic drugs” that buyers should be made aware of—these are medicines (from drug manufacturers other than the pioneer drug company) created as parallels to brand medications but cost significantly less.

Plenty of these generic medicines are actually approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but are only restricted to market due to reasons like patent exclusivities (and extensions thereof) of the pioneer brand drugs. Yes, it is understandable that the mainstream drug conglomerates are given ample time to exclusively market their products to recoup the resulting costs of years of research leading to the discovery and manufacturing the drug; however, in most cases, these same companies seek extensions of their patent protections, much to the dismay of generic manufacturers and of course, to the great disadvantage of the patients.

Depending on the laws specific to a country, generic drug distribution may be hampered or duly encouraged. Let’s take United States for instance—this country is home to a vast number of small to colossal-sized FDA-compliant drug manufacturers that are prevented from distributing their affordable medicines to citizens. Looking at this scenario, it is less than surprising that US-based consumers are now trying their luck ordering north from Canadian drugstores or ordering from overseas pharmacies.

Are Affordable Generic Drugs Safe to Use?

Yes—generic medicines are safe to use, as opposed to the brainwashing of colossal pharma companies that generic medicines are sub-par and less effective as the pioneer drug brands. Brand and generic medicines both contain the same active ingredient and are practically identical, which means that between generic medicines and brand drugs, none of them is inferior to another.You can expect the same pain-mitigating Ultram (tramadol) effect from its generic counterparts—there is virtually no difference in their effect since they basically contain the same ingredients.

To even better assure you of the effectiveness of generic drugs, let us tell you this: generic medicines would not be termed as “generic” if they are non-identical to the brand drugs they are supposed to emulate. Drugs may only be considered as the generic counterparts once they pass FDA tests on variance, etc., so once dubbed “generic”, they are considered as good as the pioneer medications.

Knowing that generic medicines are actually as good as the brand name drugs may be a surprise to most consumers, especially when prices are taken into consideration. Generic medicines have insanely lower prices than the brand drugs, but are surprisingly as potent.

Where Can I Purchase Affordable Drugs?

Actually, consumers may purchase generic medicines at the local drugstores (yes, your neighbourhood drugstores have them!), but due to different legislations per country, there are some generic medicines unavailable in generic form in your country.

However, you are likely to find these same generic medicines online, since most web vendors intentionally widen their reach when sourcing medicines. Online pharmacies typically carry medicines from various parts of the world, which means that they are likely offering the generic medicines you’re looking for despite these drugs’ absence in your local pharmacy scene.

While there is a substantial number of legitimate, compliant, and trustworthy online pharmacies, the illicit still outnumber the good, which means there is still great risk involved when transacting online. Having said this, consumers should know how to dissect web drugstores and identify if they’re scam or not before delving into web drug purchases.

To help you out, we’ve come up with a few guidelines to help you nail the search for reliable web pharmacies:

  • Consider reviews invaluable – Never let your eyes get the better of you—even if a shop’s looking great, make sure to check all available reviews for any particular web drugstore. Use only third-party reviews though—some shops have learned to master the art of crafting fictitious reviews, so watch out for these.
  • Value response time – First of all, confirm a store’s contact details and check if they’re real or fabricated. After this protocol, initiate a conversation with the pharmacy to see if it’s responsive enough or if it’s completely ignoring you.
  • Ask around – It’s not just former client opinions that you should be looking out for—try using web domain assessing platforms to verify a shop’s details.
  • Use curated lists or recommendations – If you have less time to spare, you’re better off choosing stores encompassed on “top” and “best” lists of online pharmacies. Shops like Cheap Rx ( are usually included in the top choices for web drugstores and should be reliable enough to use considering their length of operations online.

Cheap Rx Pharmacy – A Reliable Web Drugstore

Cheap Rx Pharmacy – A Reliable Web Drugstore

Carefully vetting on a web pharmacy before deciding to buy there ensures you only get to use reliable stores and hence averting you from nefarious web operators.


“Affordable drugs” is not an elusive construct anymore, thanks to the existence of generic medicines for the buyers. However, not all countries are open to allowing generic companies to saturate the market, making purchases heavy on the patients. Buyers, however, have the option to go for online drugstores where product lineups are more robust and prices are exceedingly lower. One such store is, so if ever you’re considering placing an online order for affordable drugs, that web drugstore is a good place to start.