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Drugs.com is an independent medicine information site with the most comprehensive drug database accessible to all of the users. This is the site where people will find everything there is to know about their medications; both prescription and over the counter, and all the other necessary information about them. It is currently the largest and the most widely visited medicine info website and its aim is to be the most trusted information source for all kinds of medications on the web. All the drug information available on its website is objective, complete, and up-to-date, helping both the consumers and healthcare professionals with all that they need to know.

Contrary to what other users think, Drugs.com is not an online pharmacy. It is simply a website that provides free information about medicines, helping users understand how their medications work. Useful information about their drugs such as its uses, benefits, side effects, drug interactions, precautions, and others are free for the customers to access. Since Drugs.com is an independent site, it does not make any medicine endorsements except for the paid advertisements that it allows to appear on its site. What it offers to the customers concerning the purchase of medicines online is for them to visit FDA’s consumer safety guide which is accessible from its domain.

Unlike other drug information websites, the database of Drugs.com is not a server that contains random submissions from various sources.

Wolters Kluwer Health

Wolters Kluwer Health

Its database is powered by four of the leading independent medical info suppliers which are: Cerner Multum, Wolters Kluwer Health, Micromedex from Truven Health, and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. The content compiled by these sources are published by Drugs.com without any alterations to provide customers impartial information about their meds. Aside from these sources, Drugs.com also publishes medicine and health content from sources such as:

  • Harvard Health Publications – publishing division that belongs to the Harvard Medical School of Harvard University, drawing from the expertise of over 8,500 of its faculty physicians providing dependable consumer health information.
  • Mayo Clinic – a non-profit medical practice and research group that provides various medical articles with detailed information about medical conditions and diseases. Over 3,000 medical professionals, researchers, and scientists work at Mayo Clinic to provide consumers empowering health and medical information from their expertise in numerous medical fields.
  • Stedman’s Medical Dictionary – Drugs.com’s Medical Dictionary is powered by this dictionary and is the most trusted source for medical definitions by medical and healthcare professionals. For as early as 1911, this dictionary is already used by people in the medical profession and it contains over 107,000 medical terms with accurate definitions.
  • North American Compendiums – the Veterinary Product Database of Drugs.com is from the Compendium of Veterinary Products, a work published by the North American Compendiums. North American Compendiums is involved with the business of building, handling, maintaining, and marketing information and databases concerning crop chemicals, animal health, and human health industries in both the USA and Canada.

Aside from the comprehensive and trustworthy information that it provides to the consumers on the web, Drugs.com even offers a feature known as the Pill Identifier.

Pill Identifier

Pill Identifier

This service is only intended for the customers in the United States for the reason that the medicine database for the Pill Identifier is limited only to the medications which are manufactured and circulated in the US. What the Pill Identifier does is it helps the consumers recognize a pill that they have even after losing its pill bottle or even after it is rebottled but left without proper markings. The Pill Identifier recognizes the pill by simply using information such as pill imprints, pill color, and pill shape. But in case that the consumers still fail to find a match even after checking, they should contact their healthcare provider.

Drug Dictionary

Knowing the use and various other necessary information about a drug is now easy because of the internet. Unlike before when people strictly have to rely on the information provided by their doctors or their pharmacists, users can now know what their medicines are used for by simply browsing the database of independent medicine information websites. These sites don’t only provide the definitions of the drugs but they also include instructions on how to use the drug, dosing information, warnings, drug interactions, side effects, and proper storage. Medicine information sites also detail how the drug affects the body after it is taken, showing the areas of the body where the drug will manifest its effects such as in the nervous system, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, ocular, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, and others such as the renal and the respiratory system.

How to Identify Drugs

The best way to identify drugs is for the patients to consult their healthcare providers. It may be easy to use the medicine identification tools on the web for them to recognize the drug that they will be using just in case they lost the pill bottle with its necessary information but the only ones who will be able to provide them with the data that they need are their doctors who gave them prescriptions. There is a great danger in using pills that have never been properly identified due to the risks of taking expired or dangerous medication but this risk can be avoided if they will consult their doctors.

Drug Interactions

This is an important section that each customer should view whenever they will be checking their meds at medicine information sites. Some drugs have very dangerous interactions when taken with other medications and customers should be very careful to remember the drugs that have negative responses to their meds. Some drug interactions are even life-threatening that’s why consumers have to exercise great care when taking various drugs at the same time. It would be wise for them to first consult their doctors before they take their drugs with other medicines.


Drugs.com is an independent site that provides comprehensive and free drug information to consumers. Everything that they need to know about their meds is here, helping them understand on how to use them and all the other information such as side effects, precautions, benefits, and others. Its site also comes with a Pill Identifier feature that helps customers recognize a pill without its label from its pill bottle. For online pharmacies to purchase meds from, check our top list of recommended pharmacies.