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Canadian Pharmacy King is a reliable online pharmacy that has been operating since 2003. It has a wide selection of both branded and generic medicines for customers, both for prescription and over the counter drugs. clients can select from over 1,000 prescription and non-prescription products on its selection, giving them lots of options to choose from. On Canadian Pharmacy King’s website, its products are also neatly arranged and organized for the customers’ ease of access. Pet medicines can also be purchased from them and they offer a great range of high-quality pet drugs for customers that need them. Although it’s an online pharmacy, buyers can also visit its physical location at 200-1765 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6J 5C6. Their actual pharmacy location is just a 30-minute drive from the US-Canada border and the Vancouver International Airport.

Customers can be 100% sure of Canadian Pharmacy King’s legitimacy as an online pharmacy because it is certified by the US-based online pharmacy verification site, Pharmacy Checker. It has a perfect rating of 5 out of 5, a solid proof that will guarantee the customers that the service they provide is excellent as well as the products that they sell. Canadian Pharmacy King is also member to the Canadian International Pharmacy Association or CIPA, an association of genuine and legitimately operating Canadian online pharmacies. Aside from its affiliations with these two trustworthy organizations, Canadian Pharmacy King is also a member of the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia (IPABC), a body that represents the interests of licensed international mail-order pharmacies in Canada.

Just like the local drugstores, prescriptions are required at Canadian Pharmacy King for customers that will be purchasing prescription medicines. But even if prescriptions are required at here, customers will have a great time shopping for their needed meds because of the amazing medicine prices that they offer. Customers can save for as much as 85% in buying medicines here compared to the local drugstores. And the reason for this is simply because they source their medicines directly from its partner pharmaceutical companies in countries like New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, Turkey, and Mauritius. These countries have lesser drug production expenses and cheaper raw materials compared to the US but when it comes to quality, the medicines that they produce are similarly excellent. All of the medicines in the selection of Canadian Pharmacy King are also approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a guarantee to the customers that these drugs are safe and effective for use.

Here are some of the customer reviews for coming from customers who have commended the pharmacy store in a social media site:

Canadian Pharmacy King Customer Reviews

Canadian Pharmacy King Customer Reviews

Canadian Pharmacy King Customer Reviews

A customer named Angela Petaccio has been using Canadian Pharmacy King for over a year now, buying her prescription drugs every now and then. She loves her experience of purchasing at Canadian Pharmacy King because of the great savings that she’s getting. The medicines that she’s buying at this online pharmacy only costs $100 USD for a 90-day supply. Compared to the local US drugstores where she previously purchases her medicines and spends $320 USD for a shorter supply of only 30 days, Canadian Pharmacy King helps her save 68.75% and with an enough supply of drugs that extends to up to 60 days more.

Like Angela, Sue Hunt has also been purchasing her meds at Canadian Pharmacy King for more or less one year. Even if her insurance is not covering her drug expenses, she’s OK with it because she has Canadian Pharmacy King that will supply her needed meds at low costs. She ends her review with thanks and gave the store a 5-star rating.

Canadian Pharmacy King Phone Number

For customers who will be needing assistance or simply have some questions about Canadian Pharmacy King, its products, or its services, they can call its customer service hotline which is +1 877 745 9217. On weekdays, the line is open starting from 5:30 AM up until 6:00 PM PST. Their hotlines are also open during weekends but at a different timeslot which starts from 7:00 AM up until 3:30 PM PST. Its knowledgeable and friendly customer support staff are highly trained to give the best possible help to the callers and will do whatever it takes to provide the help that they need. For customers who don’t have phones for calling the hotline, they can still reach Canadian Pharmacy King through email. They can just send their questions or concerns to [email protected] and its email team will be sending a comprehensive response to their email address.

Canadian Pharmacy Cialis

Cialis is one of the most popular erectile dysfunction (ED) medicine brands that Canadian pharmacies sell. As a matter of fact, this brand is always on the bestsellers list of every Canadian pharmacy online. And it’s not hard to figure out why Cialis at Canadian pharmacies sell very quick. The local price for this drug fetches for up to $75 USD for each pill while Canadian pharmacies only sell it for prices that start from $10 USD per tablet. Its generic versions are even cheaper with prices as low as $2 USD for each pill.

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra

Of the ED medicine brands sold at Canadian pharmacies, the one on top is always Viagra. Its generic name is sildenafil citrate and is available at both branded and generic versions.

Viagra 100 mg Pills

Viagra 100 mg Pills

Compared to Cialis it has a longer onset of effect and shorter effect duration. Its local pharmacy price fetches for up to $83 USD for its branded version while its generics cost $40 USD. Canadian pharmacies sell its branded version for only $9 USD per pill and its generic version for as low as $1 USD each.


Customers who are looking for a reliable Canadian pharmacy for their online source of medicines should go with Canadian Pharmacy King. Aside from its wide range of pharmaceutical products, the prices that it offers are also cheap. It also has great customer reviews and is affiliated with trusted pharmaceutical organizations like CIPA and IPABC. Pharmacy Checker, a reliable pharmacy ratings site also gave it a 5-star rating for its overall score. Customers can also check our top list of recommended providers for more options.