Medical Mall Pharmacy: Drugstore That Has Been in Existence for a Very Long Time

To be on a safe side it is important you know of a pharmacy before you make your purchase from the pharmacy. You have to check for accreditations, customer reviews, how they relate to customers, among others. Until you are sure that a pharmacy is legit and sells authentic drugs it should not be patronized. I mean it’s your health we are talking about here. If it were to be a pair of shoes you are going to buy from a boutique you might not take it so seriously but when we are talking about pharmaceutical products you cannot be too careful. This is because fake drugs always cause great havoc to the health. What would be the essence of attempting to treat your health issue with a med to end up making matters worse? You can either buy your drugs online or from local pharmacies, it depends on which one suits you best at the point in time. In case you need a drug super fast otherwise you’d miss your dosage which you cannot afford, waking up to a local pharmacy would be a great option. But if you are not in too much of a hurry, you desire convenience and privacy; an online pharmacy would be a great option. We are going to be sharing with you some information about Medical Mall Pharmacy. In the end, we would be able to decide if it is a top-notch pharmacy or not. So just sit tight and read-up.

Medical Mall Pharmacy Toms River NJ

Medical Mall Pharmacy is a local pharmacy located Toms River, New Jersey United States. has been in existence for over 4 decades. That says a lot about the pharmacy. Long-standing years of existence always imply a great quality. They are famed for having a great staff who treat their customers greatly focusing on their need. They do not only sell quality drugs to their patients, they can also help find durable medical equipment that would suit your medical need.

They administer Narcan to help prevent an overdose and guess what? They cover the expenses for the Narcan administered. Another thing we have noted about them is that the packaging of their meds is creatively designed to help you keep up with your dosage. So, in case you miss your dosages often, their packaging can help missing dosages become a thing of the past. They are also involved in immunizations, personal consultation, med synchronization, and MTM services. You can get a series of prescription and non-prescription drugs from this pharmacy. They also have an application that can help customers get a refill easily. Their application has other features that may help such as; refilling reminders, medication reminders, touch-to-call, and drug information.

Medical Mall Pharmacy Toms River Coupons

One thing that patients always look out for is the pricing of a pharmacy. And among the pricing are coupons that help you save money. Most pharmacies offer discounts. The question now is what discounts does Medical Mall Pharmacy offer its patients? Medical Mall Pharmacy can help its customers save up to $450 on top brands medications. How do they do this? They do this by negotiating with pharmaceutical manufacturers on behalf of their patients for great coupons. You can always find coupons to print out on their website.

Medical Mall Pharmacy Coupon Image

Medical Mall Pharmacy Coupon Image

How does it work? On their website in the coupon section, there are three steps to follow. You select the medication form the list of medications with coupons, these medications are listed in alphabetical order. The second step is that you select the dosage you desire for the medication, after that an image of the coupon would show up. You then print this coupon and show it to the pharmacist. Whatever discount is written on the coupon, that’s what you get.

Medical Mall Pharmacy Toms River Reviews

Though Medical Mall Pharmacy appears to be a top-notch and trustable pharmacy that has been in existence for a very long time. However, it is always important to consider what customers have to say about a pharmacy before making any conclusions. You might think a pharmacy is great until you find out that they have not been really great to their past customers. The experiences of patients who have patronized this pharmacy would help us make a conclusion about their level of quality and professionalism. Without going through comments from past customers you might be gambling on what to experience. Let’s check out this customer review so we can have a picture of what you would experience should you make a purchase from this pharmacy.

Medical Mall Pharmacy Customer Review

Medical Mall Pharmacy Customer Review

This review comes from Tracy who resides in Los Angeles. From her comment we can see that she was totally satisfied, attesting that their staff is friendly and they go out of their way to satisfy their customers. She was so satisfied that she wishes there were pharmacies like Medical Mall Pharmacy in her town. From this customer review, one can safely say that Medical Mall Pharmacy of quality and can be trusted.


So many pharmacies to make drug purchases from but not all of these pharmacies are of great quality. One has got to be careful in selecting the pharmacy from which he or she gets meds from. This would help ensure that you are safe and you get the best customer experience. Medical Mall Pharmacy appears to be of great quality. From everything we see about this pharmacy, they promise their customers a great experience. And it appears that they make good on their promise. For top quality pharmacies that you can trust, check our top list of recommended pharmacies. We also advise that you beware of scammers as they are very common these days.