Medicines Without Prescriptions

Buying medicines without a prescription is a thing that many patients desire to know much about. Many desire to obtain a medicine but do not have a prescription. Now, they wonder if they could come online and get these medications from an online pharmacy without having to upload a doctor’s prescription. Note that the FDA advises against online pharmacies that sell drugs to patients without a doctor’s prescription. This is because this is one of the practices that illegitimate online pharmacies engage in order to attract customers. So, one of the popular pointers to an unsafe online pharmacy is the sale of prescription meds without a prescription. Now, the question is are there actually safe online pharmacies that can sell drugs to you without requiring a prescription from your doctor? Well, we know of one that we trust to deliver safe, approved, and authentic drugs to your location at the best price without any glitches. You would be finding out the pharmacy in this article. However, note that we do not advise you to make drug orders from websites that outrightly offer to sell prescription drugs to you without a prescription as most of them ship out fake and harmful drugs.

What is the Difference Between Prescription Drugs and Over the Counter Drugs?

Before we look at the options to get medicines online without prescriptions, let’s take a quick look at what prescription drugs and over the counter drugs are and why the former requires a prescription and the latter does not. As the phrase implies, prescription meds are meds that require a doctor’s prescription before they can be acquired. These drugs are used for the treatment of acute and sensitive ailments like depression, heart diseases, cancer, anxiety. The drugs are strong must be used appropriately. Before using these sort of drugs, one has to put into consideration the diseases the patient has, relative contraindications (reaction between two drugs when you are already using a drug to treat certain ailments), and allergies. Putting all of these into consideration will ensure you are safe using the drug. And to get an accurate information about this you need to a doctor to ascertain your safety using the drug based on the information gathered from examining you and your health history. If the drug is safe for you based on the considerations, a prescription would be written for you, but if otherwise a prescription won’t be written. Hence prescription is used to control and ensure the safe use of certain drugs. On the other hand, Over the counter drugs (OTC) are very common drugs that are less powerful and are used to treat minor ailments such as; fever, runny nose, a headache etc. These drugs have been around for a long time and individuals are very familiar with their mode of use. They are also not used for a long period. Thus, the risks of contraindications, misuse, and allergy are very low.

Buying Medicines without Prescriptions Online

Like we have rightly stated, one of the pointers of a pharmacy that you should not trust is offering prescription drugs without requiring a doctor’s prescription. This is because many pharmacies that do this are known to sell fake drugs to their customers. They offer the ease of not requiring a prescription to draw customers. So, it is very risky buying your drugs from a pharmacy that sells prescription drugs without a prescription. Most of these pharmacies are not accredited by regulatory bodies which imply that their activities are not in line with the safe practices common to trustworthy pharmacies. In different words, what we have been trying to say is; buying drugs from a pharmacy that sells to you without requiring a prescription is a risky endeavor. However, we know of a fully accredited and licensed online pharmacy that sells authentic drugs and does not require a doctor’s prescription. Nevertheless, they advise patients to visit their healthcare providers before taking any drug. This pharmacy is Pharmacy Mall. Check out an image of their homepage below.

Pharmacy Mall Homepage

Pharmacy Mall is a licensed pharmacy with accreditations from CIPA, MIPA, FDA, and Pharmacy Checker. They give free gifts with every order you make. The information of buyers is secured with Norton encryption. They offer the best prices on the web. Their delivery of orders is always timely as they make use of top-notch delivery companies like FedEx, EMS, and United States Postal Service. They have licensed pharmacists and a great support team that responds to your questions and queries swiftly. We suggest you make your orders from Pharmacymall for your safety and great prices.

Best Online Pharmacy Reviews

Pharmacy Mall is in no doubt a great pharmacy that’s why we have recommended that you try them out. Most of the reviews about Pharmacy Mall are great. Customers mostly have great things to say about their experience purchasing drugs from Pharmacy Mall. It is important we share a few of these reviews with you so you could see for yourself if you could trust this pharmacy. Check the screenshot of a couple of reviews below

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

Leeroy from Italy comments about the quick delivery, cheap price, and drug quality. Based on his awesome experience he says “I’m pretty impressed”. Charles from Deutschland also has good things to say about Pharmacy Mall. He says he saved a lot and got free gifts. Jessica from Austria comments about their great prices. David from Germany tells us that he got his order on time and the pills worked well. Lastly, Michael from Deutschland tells us that his orders came on time. He says “best price great quality”


While getting prescription drugs online without a prescription is very risky, it is possible. As we have suggested PharmacyMall is a licensed and trustworthy online pharmacy you could make your purchase from with a rest of mind. We also suggest that you check out our top list of recommended pharmacies for other trustworthy pharmacies. Finally, ensure you exercise total vigilance to prevent scams.