Online Drug Stores – Are these Shops Truly Safe to Use for Medicine Purchases?

Due to the rising costs of medication coupled with low income, for most consumers on almost every corner of the world, purchasing medicines online is the instant solution. While in most cases the Food and Drug Administration is discouraging the consumers to purchase drugs sold by “Canadian” or other web pharmacies, still the buyers pursue these shops to manage saving a few dollars on every purchase.

The government can’t blame consumers for this tenacious behavior – when people are ill and are left with limited choices for their medicines, they would naturally risk everything to gain access to medicines they can afford although they are still unsure if these medicines would work.

Online drug stores are not entirely malicious, although we can thank the scammers for giving web drug stores a bad name. There are certain shops that are actually reliable, which means that if customers would dig deep, they would be able to find decent stores that are with cheap yet effective medicines for whatever medical condition they are suffering from.

What are Online Drug Stores?

Essentially, online drugstores are web stores dispensing medicines online. However, although these shops are called web pharmacies, not all of them are “actually” online drugstores. Most of the online pharmacies we see on the web are merely online prescription services or shops that link customers to existing ground pharmacies in who-knows-where (well, most of these pharmacies are located in India). Although these kinds of drugstores somewhat rouse buyer suspicion, there are web pharmacies under this category that are utterly reliable and are a pleasure to use given their low prices and reliable shipping.

These prescription services are NOT real pharmacies, which is why they refrain from asking for valid prescriptions and also desist from giving medical advice to the consumers. These stores merely exist facilitate bonds between online customer and the ground pharmacies or drug warehouses they profess they are connected to.

On the other hand, there are online drugstores that are online extensions of existing ground pharmacies. For instance, CVS Pharmacy’s online platform is just an extension of its ground pharmacies. Less prestigious local drugstores have their own versions of online pharmacies which function as extensions of their local drugstores.

Buy Prescription Drugs Online Safe

There are plenty of ways to discover whether a shop is safe to use or not. Here are some ways you can try when it comes to searching for reliable online pharmacies to use whenever searching for cheap medications:

  • Read Reviews: One of the most useful ways of discovering whether an online pharmacy is reliable or not is reading its available reviews on the web. The most useful kind of review is the one that’s from a third-party source or a site that’s in no way affiliated with an online drugstore. If customers seem to like the store based on the shop’s available reviews, you can consider using the store for your drug purchases. However, if a shop does not have reviews or has negative comments, you should consider looking for another web platform to use.

Trust Pilot Review Website

Trust Pilot is an example of a review platform you can use in evaluating online drugstores for their integrity. However, make sure to read reviews from “verified” customers just to be 100% sure of the review’s integrity.

Pharmacies Review

Pharmacies Review

Another useful review site is Pharmacies Review, which features comments from customers on specific web drugstore platforms. However, reviews here are quite limited, so buyers should consider other options when it comes to online drugstore reviews. Other sites with relevant comments include SiteJabber, Reseller Ratings, BBB, and more.

  • Use domain checking platforms: Besides reading customer reviews, you can also use domain checking platforms like Scam Adviser or Legit Script to help you identify online drugstore details that are otherwise hidden, like a store’s SSL certificate status, its location, or its date of inception.
  • Test the shop real-time: Another helpful thing to do is to check whether an online pharmacy is responsive or not by messaging the shop or calling its phone numbers. If a store doesn’t have contact information, it is likely dubious and unreliable; on the one hand, if a store is responsive, you may give it a shot if all the other details on the store seem agreeable.
  • Realistic offers: Go for shops with offers that are cheap but not too good to be true.

Overall, the key to ensuring that an online drugstore is legit is to check all of its aspects before resolving to use it.

Discount Drug Store Online

Buying medicines from online drug stores would be hassle-free if only consumers know what to look for in these drugstores, like positive reviews, a responsive customer team, and sufficient prices. Although it is tough being able to locate these kinds of stores on the web, you can use shortcuts like curated lists of online pharmacies (like our Top Vendors List) where reliable stores like TrustPharmacy may be found.

Trust Pharmacy Store Front

Trust Pharmacy Store Front

Trust Pharmacy is one of the longest-standing online stores in the market which are aimed at giving buyers an excellent experience when it comes to affordable medicines and effective products.


Online drugstore shopping is risky, but when armed with the right information on what qualities to look for in an online shop, you may be able to find web drugstores that are safe to use and that will deliver what you need. Stores like Trust Pharmacy and the ones included on our Top Vendors list are worth a try since they satisfy all the conditions buyers should be looking for in an online drug platform.