Pills Rx: How You Should Learn To Use a Pill Identifier

Pills Rx or prescription drug identifier is helpful in emergency situations. In case someone swallows a bunch of pills that no one is familiar about, a pill identifier tool can help them name the said pill. A common pill identifier has three parts, the imprint, the color, and the shape. Once you put in this information, you will get a result of matches that will identify the drug you have at hand.

Imprint is common among prescription drugs. Even over the counter drugs have imprints that serve as their identification. The only pill or tablet that has no imprint are herbal medicines, energy pills, diet supplement, or illegal drugs.

Pill identifier is important because it can help avoid the following mistakes:

  • Possibility of taking the wrong med
  • To avoid taking too much med
  • To avoid mixing your meds
  • To avoid combining your meds with other meds

International Pill Identifier

Popular drugs have their unique imprint that once you encode it in a pill identifier, it can easily identify the said pill. The imprint is any number or letter that you can find on the capsule, pill or tablet. A pill finder will tell you the name of the said medicine, will show you a picture, and what it is for.

International Pill Identifier

International Pill Identifier

The International pill identifier works the same with other pill finder tools from different medical websites. This tool is also used for the following:

  • To identify any tablet or drug found in someone else’s pocket (your teenage son perhaps)
  • To check if you receive the right medicine (especially if you order online)
  • To ensure that you got the right pill (if you have mixed it with other medicines)

Prescription Drugs List

Every day, thousands of prescription drugs are written out and being refilled. These are for the people who need it. However, there are thousands and thousands of people who also order Rx medicines even without a prescription. These are the people who are at risks of becoming dependent on their prescription medicines.

Prescription Drugs List

Prescription Drugs List

Prescription drugs should be taken with care. It should be taken as prescribed by your doctor. Prescription drugs are known for their potency. Taking a prescription drug for a prolonged period of time can lead to drug dependency and addiction. Because prescription drugs contain strong active ingredients, they are not suitable for long-term use because they can damage other organs in our body. For example, some cancer medicines can damage the liver and kidney if taken too long while some erectile dysfunction medicines can cause kidney damaged when used excessively.

For the list of prescription drugs, the most commonly prescribed medicine is Synthroid, a treatment used for low thyroid levels. Crestor is also on the list, a treatment for bad cholesterol. We also found Ventolin HFA which is used to increase airflow to the lungs and Nexium, an acid reflux treatment. We also found Advair, a drug to treat asthma and Lantus Solostar, a treatment for diabetes 1 and 2. Other medicines on the list include Vyvanse, Lyrica, Spiriva Handihaler, and Januvia.

Aside from this list, the top three prescription medicines that are commonly abused are Opiates, Central Nervous System Depressants (antidepression, antianxiety, sedatives, and tranquilizers) and Stimulants. Stimulants are drugs used to treat ADHD and obesity.

Prescription Drugs Abuse

The misuse of prescription drugs is a very popular case in the medical world. With the use of pill identifier, doctors can easily identify the type of drug being abused by any patient. According to the National Health Institute or NHI, at least 20% of US population are taking prescription drugs excessively. What are the consequences of taking prescription medicines incorrectly?

  1. It can lead to addiction. Addiction means that you can no longer function normally without taking your prescription medicine
  2. It can lead to overdose. Due to incorrect use of prescription medicines, unintentional deaths happen due to a drug’s overdose. This often occurs to people who are taking sleeping pills. When they want to sleep longer, they take too much sleeping pills that lead to death while sleeping
  3. It can cause damages to your other body system or organ. Prescription medicines are strong medicines that work as intended but can damage other parts of your body if taken incorrectly

If you feel like you are taking too much of your prescription medicine, or you are still craving for it even after the timeframe given by your doctor, you should seek help or treatment. Start with your family or loved ones or talk to your doctor, the one that prescribed it to you in the first place.


With the use of pill rx or pill identifier, it becomes easier for doctors to identify the type of pill that poisoned their patient. If a patient is rushed in due to overdosage, they can identify the pills he or she took with the use of pill identifier.

A pill identifier tool can be found in most websites. People at home can also use it to check the medicine they received if it is real or not. People who are ordering their rx medicines online should learn how to use a pill identifier to prevent being scammed. If you are ordering your medicines online, a pill identifier can help you determine if your online pharmacy is fake or not. To avoid becoming a victim of a scam, use our recommended online pharmacies for your prescription refill.

To use a pill identifier, just look for the imprint on your tablet or pill. The imprint alone is enough to give you information about your drug. If the imprint is not working, you can also add the color and shape of the said pill. Input the information and your pill identifier will tell you if you are holding a legit drug or a counterfeit one.

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