Planet Drugs Direct Coupons

The quest to find more and more about saving purchasing prescription drugs seems unending. This is not surprising since we as humans are rational consumers and we tend to always try as much as possible to be better off. Even when you find out that a pharmacy sells its drug at relatively cheap prices you still go ahead to find out if they offer any promotions. That says a lot about being rational. One of the common things US patients do to save money is to order for their drugs from Canada. As you probably know, prescription drugs are over 50% cheaper in Canada than in the US. In this article, we would be talking about; a prescription service located in central Canada.

They are affiliated with several accredited pharmacies through which they dispense quality prescription meds to their international and American customers. They provide you with low-cost prescription medications. From what we see you can save up to 80% making your orders from this website. You would learn the things you need to know about them including coupon codes that would help you save even more. So sit back and let’s head on!

Planetdrugsdirect Fake or No?

With the amount of fake online pharmacies today, it is important to discover an online pharmacy is legit before making an order for it. This would ensure your safety. It would ensure your safety in the sense that you would not be exposed to risks such as; counterfeit meds, data theft, delayed shipments, and unresponsive customer care. So is fake?Absolutely not! When you go to their website you would see certain things that would reassure you that it is not a fake website. The CIPA seal is displayed on their website which signifies that they are accredited by CIPA. Any pharmacy accredited by the CIPA is known to maintain high pharmaceutical standards and of course ship genuine drugs to its customers. They are also a verified member of pharmacy checker. Pharmacy checker checks the safety credentials of pharmacies. Any pharmacy verified by pharmacy checker has top-notch safety credentials.

And about the overall safety of the website, we see that the website is Norton secured. Thus, you can safely input your personal data and financial data without worrying about data theft.  they also have a responsive customer care that is always available and willing to respond to your questions and complaints. So, from all these, we can say that Planet Drugs Direct is not fake.

Planet Drugs Direct Coupon Code

Though facts that we are yet going to confirm through customer reviews have it that you can save up to 80% on your meds if you make your purchase from Which implies that their drugs are pretty much cheap. But do they offer some sort of promotions in form of coupons? Yes, they do! And we would be sharing them with you check the images of the Planet Drugs Direct coupons that would help you save even more below

image5Planet Drugs Direct Coupon Codes

Planet Drugs Direct Coupon Codes

The first Coupon code gives you a discount when you buy 120 tabs of Plavix 75 mg. With the second coupon code, you can get 5% off on all orders that you make on Planet Drugs Direct. The third coupon code gives new customers access to 5% discount on their purchases. So if you are a new customer, you can take advantage of this. With the fifth coupon code, you can get 5% off on your refill until December. So in case you have made a purchase of a prescription drug via this platform, use this coupon code while getting a refill to save 5%. We implore you to take a consider Drugs Direct.

Planet Drugs Direct Customer Reviews

The reviews of customers are always an important aspect when we are talking about a pharmacy. It is the comments of customers that enable us to ascertain what to expect from a pharmacy we propose making an order from. In this case, the customer reviews of patients who have given Planet Drug Direct pharmacy a try would shed more light on the quality of their service. So let’s get to it, below are reviews from customers check out what they have to say

image2 1image4 1Planet Drugs Direct Review

Planet Drugs Direct Review

Lowell Katz, the first reviewer on our list of reviews sounds pleased with the experience he has had with planet He tells us that they are a great company. Commenting that he has been using them for years and they give multiple opportunities to save more. The second review comes from Emma, She tells us that Planet Drugs Direct is the best online Canadian pharmacy. She tells us that she has been a customer of this pharmacy for 2 years which attests that they are great. She also says their prices are low and they offer great services to their customers including free shipping. The last review comes from Jack who also has great things to say about this pharmacy. He tells us that they have made his life easier shopping for prescription and non-prescription drugs.  From what customers have commented, one can say this pharmacy is trustable


Pricing is a core aspect when talking about getting drugs online. While most local pharmacies sell drugs at exorbitant prices several accredited international online pharmacies sell drugs cheaply and they can ship to your location swiftly. Planet Drugs Direct is one of those pharmacies that sell drugs cheaply and ship to virtually all locations. They are famed for cutting your cost on prescription meds and helping you save a big chunk of your money. For pharmacies that would sell quality drugs to you cheap and help you save money; check our top list of recommended pharmacies. Finally, ensure you do well to beware of scammers.