Prescribe Medication Online: Should You Start Relying on It?

With the popularity of online pharmacies, web consultation has also become popular. People are now ordering their medicines from e-dispensaries because of its low price and affordability. Online pharmacies are required to ask for a prescription when dispensing Rx drugs and since most people are ordering medicines online because they don’t want to see a live doctor, the concept of web consultation was introduced. Web consultation is now the best way for people to get a prescription online.

Advantages that you will get from web consultation

  • It saves time as you no longer have to wait at their doctor’s office
  • It saves energy and money as you no longer have to drive to your local clinic
  • It is cheaper

Disadvantages that you will get from web consultation

  • You are not sure if you will be talking to a licensed doctor and you only have to trust your e-pharmacy
  • Your doctor can’t do a physical check up

If you are looking for a service provider on the web that can give prescribe medication online, make sure to deal with doctors that are licensed to write a prescription. Most of the time, online pharmacies have a resident doctor that they refer. To avoid putting yourself at risk, tell your online doctor about your past medical conditions. Do not skip any information especially about allergies if you have any. Tell your online doctor as well if you are taking any medicines. Since it is easier now to prescribe medication online, doctors are also encouraging their patients to be responsible with their own health.

What is Online Pharmacy?

Why do we need web consultation? Web consultation is now part of most online pharmacies. Online pharmacies are stores that sell generic and branded medicines to anyone in the world. Online pharmacies offer medicines that are hard to find in some countries. With online pharmacies, medicines became more accessible and affordable to most people.

Before using an online pharmacy, you should be aware of the cons and pros associated with it. Online pharmacies are accessible and practical yet ordering from it increases your risk of receiving fake medicines. Some online pharmacies look real too, they have a greatly designed website and promising products with great prices that attracts customers yet these are fake and fraudulent websites.

For your protection, always search for an online pharmacy that has the FDA logo among other health government agencies that monitor online pharmacies. Among the popular agencies that monitor e-dispensaries are MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency), General Pharmaceutical Council, and Care Quality Commission. You can also consider e-stores with the WHO logo. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy and the Verified Pharmacy Program are also among the agencies that you can rely on when it comes to finding a legitimate online pharmacy.

Pharmacy Mall, a Legitimate Online Pharmacy

Pharmacy Mall, a Legitimate Online Pharmacy

Because of the convenience and advantages offered by online pharmacies, more and more people are switching to them and leaving their local pharmacies. Another advantage of using an online pharmacy is the wide selection of medicines they offer. For example, you are looking for an impotence drug, you can find up to 10 brands of erectile dysfunction medicines online while your local pharmacy might only have two.

Get a Prescription Written Online

Obtaining prescription online is very easy. It is also cheaper as other online pharmacies offer it free. Some Canadian online pharmacies have an in-house doctor that their customers can talk to whenever they need a prescription. These web consultations are offered freely in exchange for their orders.

What is the normal process of obtaining a prescription online? There are two ways of obtaining a prescription online.

  1. The first one is by answering a questionnaire. You will be given a link where you can access their questionnaire. Answer the questionnaire with honesty. Once submitted, their healthcare professional will check it for you and will determine if you really need the medicine, you are asking for.
  2. The second way of obtaining a prescription online is by being interviewed by a doctor. The interview can be thru a phone call or skype. The doctor or healthcare professional will ask you general questions about your health and with your answers, he or she will determine if you need a prescription or not.

Once the process is complete and the healthcare professional determines that you need a prescription, they will contact the online pharmacy that referred you to them so they can process your order.

Can You Order Prescription Drugs Online Without a Doctor?

Ordering prescription medicine online is easy if you have a prescription from your local doctor. The problem is what if you don’t have a prescription? Prescription drugs are risky medicines. They are controlled because they are susceptible to abuse and are dangerous when incorrectly used.

To know if you are dealing with a legit online pharmacy, deal only with e-dispensaries that ask for a prescription before dispensing an Rx medicine

To know if you are dealing with a legit online pharmacy, deal only with e-dispensaries that ask for a prescription before dispensing an Rx medicine. If they offer a web consultation, you can take advantage of it. It is not recommended to take Rx drugs without talking to a doctor. Without a doctor’s prescription, don’t ever attempt to take an Rx medicine and do not order online. online pharmacies that are selling Rx medicines to anyone only think of themselves and money as they do not care about their patients.


Getting a prescribe medication online is now very easy as technology has also allowed web consultation and talking to a doctor online. It doesn’t mean though that you should just rely on it for your safety. It is still best to talk to a live doctor about your condition before taking any medicine, regardless of where you bought it. In addition, for online pharmacies that you can trust, you can also check our list of recommended online pharmacies. Most of these e-stores offer free web consultation as well.