PriceRx – What Exactly is This Platform About?

PriceRx is unlike the common web drugstores – it is merely a platform that suggests online pharmacies to consumers looking for places to buy discount drugs from. This site was created in 2001 (no kidding – it is actually retrospective) and was supposed to be both an informational website and an online drugstore-suggestive web platform. However, I have the feeling that this store’s been poorly maintained since it does not do what it says it does – instead of offering me choices for web pharmacies with the medicines I need, the shop only had drug information and nothing more.

This platform, Price Rx looks pretty straightforward. The shop is sans graphics and is just with slabs of paragraphs on the main page, telling the visitors how to make use of the platform. On the top-left corner of Price Rx, you can see a rather brief list of topics it supposedly bears – according to the platform, it has discussions on antidepressants, anti-parasitic meds, herpes, penicillin VK, erectile dysfunction, and a few more “popular” online products.

I was actually expecting to see online pharmacy suggestions for medicines on Price Rx, but instead, the website only bore historical information for the products. For instance, when I browsed the antibiotics list, Price Rx only presented a semi-long list of antibiotics grouped according to their type and their chronology. Price Rx also had tidbits of information about these antibiotics and even cited the scholarly sources where these were obtained from. The same goes for all the other medicines presented on Price Rx; however, there were no price comparisons or store recommendations for these products.

Overall, I was underwhelmed by Price Rx. I understand that it was only supposed to be an informational website, but it had none of the services it claimed to have for visitors – there was even no search function available for my use although the shop stated that a search function is available for all Price Rx visitors.

There is not much information on Price Rx on the web, either – since the platform was not actually an online store buyers would find attractive enough to visit (let alone review), Price Rx encouraged no discussions from anyone on the web. On the account of the information on the shop, I think consumers would have used Wikipedia, WebMD, Drugs, or other information banks instead since the data on Price Rx was not actually that dense for research or educational purposes.

Sadly, there are no contact numbers or other forms of messaging apps within Price Rx, which means that this site is just for your eyes only and was never intended to foster interaction between visitor and operator.

PriceRx Reviews

Like I’ve mentioned in the past section, the Price Rx platform did not have reviews for its service. To be honest, there’s nothing to review here since the website did not actually have links to online pharmacies and prices for the medicines it discusses.

Since there were no store referrals and price information on Price Rx, buyers would have veered away from Price Rx and dismissed it as disinteresting or plain useless. Even it had drug information on a handful of products, it is not a website that one would essentially use for research since its data is actually flimsy compared to sites with robust information on thousands of medicines.

PriceRx 2018

Since there were no mentions or references to Price Rx on the web, I tried to conduct my own feedback raking for Price Rx using famous online review platforms like Scam Adviser and Legit Script. I was able to come by these results for the website:

Price Rx Feedback from Scam Adviser

Price Rx Feedback from Scam Adviser

According to the prolific website review platform Scam Adviser, the site Price Rx had a lot of visitors compared to other websites. Overall it garnered a decent rating of 88% (out of 100) although Scam Adviser advised that Price Rx had negative feedback on the web.

More details for Price Rx reflect that it was listed as an unapproved site on 2009 and that it was from the United States and was indeed created in 2001.

I tried to check if Price Rx has information on Legit Script, another reliable web platform. However, unfortunately, the site Price Rx is nonexistent on Legit Script’s database, as you can see in the image above.

PriceRx Codes

Since Price Rx is not a real online drugstore or a price reference site, it does not have any coupon code, discount, or any offer for its visitors. The site barely had anything in it, let alone promotional offers or suggestions on purchasing the cheapest products online.

I was totally not expecting this since Price Rx claims that it has suggestions for the best online drugstores to purchase affordable medicines from. Needless to say, Price Rx is disappointing in this regard.


Price Rx is an online informational platform that should have price overviews and web pharmacy comparisons for medicines discussed on its platform. However, Price Rx did not have anything on it when it comes to prices and drugstore suggestions, although it was able to present bits of information for its lean product list. All in all, this is not one website you’d want to visit since there are other more educational and informative websites out there. I think Price Rx is a poorly maintained site which was possibly kicked to the curb when the owners got busy on other things.