Types Of Hair Loss

Hair grows at almost everywhere on to the human’s skin except at the places like on palms of the hands and on the soles of the feet, but there are many hairs that are so fine that they are virtually not visible from the eyes. A hair is supposed to be made of a protein which is called keratin. This protein is supposed to be produced in the hair follicles on the outer layer / side of our skin.

Now as and when the follicles produces the new hair cell all the old cell are supposed to being pushed off through the outer surface of our skin. This is usually done at a rate of around six inch a year. This is why the hair that you can see from your eyes is in actually only a string of the dead keratin cells which is produced as the result of it. Any one of the person who has average hair head has around 100,000 to the 150,000 number of hair and he is also supposed to lose around 100 hairs of them for each day. This is why the fact is that you should not be worried so much on finding few of the stray hair present in your hairbrush and hence it is not necessarily should be considered a cause of alarm for you.

Types of hair loss

The hair loss is usually divided in many forms. The diligence of all these type of hair loss is basically named as the alopecia. The most common types of the hair loss are defined below.

Androgenic alopecia: it is known as one of the most common form of hair loss problem through which both men and women are suffered from. It sometime is also known as the baldness of the male pattern which is characterized as the loss or thinning of the hair present on to the crown of head which is receding from temple of the head.

Alopecia universal is: it is known as the other type of hair loss which is supposed to describe with the complete loss of the hairs which are present on the scalp as well as on the body of the person suffering.

Alopecia total is: this is a type of hair loss which is usually described as the loss of all the hair which is present on the scalp of the body of the person who suffers from it.

Alopecia are at a: this is known to be such a condition which is caused whenever the body’s immune system goes to attack on the hair follicles as a result of which it disrupts the normal hair growth and its formation.

Marginal alopecia, traction alopecia, chignon alopecia are the other common types of hair loss.