Which Online Pharmacies Are Legit – The Ones Recommended by Independent Pharmacy Review Sites

It’s very important to know which online pharmacies are legit when shopping for medicines online. Although buying meds through the web is convenient since it saves a lot of time, the risks are also great since aside from legitimate and genuine online drugstores, there are also scam and counterfeit sites to take into consideration. These sites may look very convincing since they appear sophisticated and perfectly similar to most online pharmacies but they are not really online pharmacies. As persuasive as they may appear, these are fake pharmacy sites which are operated by criminal syndicates and fraudulent individuals as fronts for stealing credit card information. Because of this, it became a great necessity for buyers to determine which sites are which to avoid getting victimized and defrauded on the web.

The number of these fake pharmacies compared to the legitimate ones are lesser but since they grow in number on a daily basis, the threat that they pose have also increased. The tactic that most scam pharmacies use is imitating a legit online pharmacy’s appearance and trick buyers into believing it’s the real thing. A lot of people have actually fallen for this trap and as a result, many people have lost lots of money and had their credit card information used in fraudulent transactions. This has affected the genuine online pharmacies, as well as their trust ratings, have declined significantly with these events. Although many legit online drugstores are still in operation, many have already closed down because of fake pharmacies that have tarnished their reputation by using the very same name as them.

Getting their personal and credit card information stolen on the web is not the only danger that the customers face from fake pharmacy sites but also receiving counterfeit and expired meds which is far more dangerous. Some scam drugstore sites on the web intentionally send fake medicines to their customer’s address which will not only make a person’s health worse when used but could also endanger their life. And as mentioned earlier, it’s really a great necessity for buyers to identify which pharmacies are the genuine ones and which ones are not to avoid these kinds of dangers. But the good news is customers are not charting unknown territories, there are ways to find out if an online pharmacy is legit or if it’s a fake.

One of the most used means by many people is checking pharmacy reviews provided by independent online pharmacy review sites. This is among the best means for individuals to find out if an online pharmacy is fake. These review sites are transparent, providing an in-depth analysis on online pharmacies based on their length of operation, customer testimonials, quality of products, and many other important factors. Independent pharmacy review sites help the customers find the best site to buy meds from by offering a great range of online pharmacy choices based on their needs and their own personal preferences. The online pharmacies on their list are legitimate and is a good way for customers to find the online medicine source that they can rely on. They also advise the shoppers about the online pharmacies that they should avoid since independent pharmacy review sites also have a list of pharmacies that they have deemed unsafe or suspicious.

How Do I Know if an Online Pharmacy is Legitimate?

Even for seasoned shoppers, determining an online pharmacy’s legitimacy is not a simple task since there are lots of factors to be considered. But one of the most common trait that they’re looking for from a pharmacy site is a padlock icon and https:// before its domain name.

This is important because the padlock icon is the sign that an online pharmacy is safe to visit. Https stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure, a proof to the customers that a pharmacy site uses SSL encryption to protect the information that they are sending. Encryption ensures that the data being sent by the users stay confidential and safe from being stolen by outside sources. But once shoppers see an online pharmacy that doesn’t have a padlock icon or https:// before its domain name, they should shop their meds somewhere else. These sites are not safe to visit and there’s a great risk in using them because the information that they send could be intercepted by third parties leaving them vulnerable to online attacks.

What to Know Before Using an Online Pharmacy

Customers must know if an online pharmacy is genuine before they even make a purchase. The easiest way to do it is to check its domain name at fraud checking sites like LegitScript and Scam Adviser so that they will have a complete view of its background information, the WHOIS record.



The WHOIS record contains important details such as the site’s true location, country of origin, name of its administrator, date of its creation, and others which will tell the customer if an online pharmacy is indeed genuine. Along with the WHOIS record, users will also see the verdict of these fraud detection sites on whether the online pharmacies they’re checking are legitimate or rogue.

WHOIS Record Sample

WHOIS Record Sample

Once it displays as rogue, it means that the online drugstore is a fake site and is only operated for fraudulent purposes. But once it shows as legitimate, it’s a green light for the buyers which gives them the assurance that the pharmacy is safe to buy from.

Online Pharmacies: Avoid the Frauds

To avoid the chances of shopping from a fraudulent “pharmacy” site, buyers should only visit trusted online pharmacies, the ones that are being recommended by independent pharmacy review sites. Personally looking for an online pharmacy is OK but using the recommended ones are much better since it eliminates the possibility of landing on a fake online drugstore.


The legitimate online pharmacies are not hard to find since they are the ones which are recommended by independent pharmacy review sites. It’s very important to determine an online pharmacy’s legitimacy to avoid falling victim to fake online drugstores that only send fake meds and steal card information. To find only the best pharmacy sites, customers should check our top list of recommended providers.