77canada Pharmacy: Don’t Trust Every Online Drugstore

77Canada Pharmacy is a drugstore that has its headquarters in Canada. 77canadapharmacy.com has been operating since the year 2003 which means that for now, they have been in operation for a decade and a half. The drugstore is claimed to ship drugs to numerous locations. They also claim that they offer cheap medications in comparison to all other drug stores available. While this might be true, when buying drugs online, we always advise you to not believe everything that you see on a drug vendor’s website. Some of the drug stores can be scammers.

According to their website, you will have the ability to save up to 77% on generic and brand name drugs. They also allow you to order up to 180 days supply. They also say that they only ship from FDA approved manufacturers only. While all this might be true, believing what a business tells you is wrong. Every business is looking to sell. To do that, they have to use the best language. To learn more about a pharmacy, you will need to look at the reviews.

77 Canada Pharmacy Reviews: Is 77 Canada Pharmacy Legit?

As we had mentioned earlier on, the only way that you can trust to determine whether a pharmacy is legit or not is through the use of customer reviews. Let’s see what people who ordered from 77canada pharmacy had to say.

77 Canada Pharmacy Reviews

77 Canada Pharmacy Reviews

Nancy Hoffman ordered 4 Vials of Humulin N which was supposed to be shipped from Eli Lilly Turkey. Her insulin arrived in 2 weeks which she says that it was great. However, the problem is that the insulin that she received was already expired. She tried to talk to 77 Canada Pharmacy but they never resolved her issue. She had to dispute the charge with the bank.

In 2012, Josh had ordered his insulin from them and he was able to receive it within 10 days. His insulin was sourced from Canada. He ordered the drug again which this time was sourced from Turkey. The problem is that it has been three weeks since he placed his order. 77 Canada Pharmacy informed him that they had shipped his order but he did not even receive a tracking number. He says that he will not trust this pharmacy again.

Sharon is the only happy customer here. She placed her order from Texas and she was able to receive it in a timely manner. The product was what she was expecting and she also got a very fair price. She has no complaints.

Nancy says that 77 Canada Pharmacy used to be good but that is not the case anymore. It has been two weeks since she ordered her Lantus insulin. There is no shipping or tracking even though the pharmacy took the money. There is no reasonable explanation and they have a non-existent manager. She is actually very sick as a result of lacking insulin. She says that she doesn’t think that 77 Canada Pharmacy should be in business if they cannot deliver.

According to the above reviews, anyone can now determine whether they can trust 77canada Pharmacy or not. The majority of reviews that we found online about this drugstore were negative. This is a huge alert telling you that this is among the stores that you should not trust. But, online, there still drug stores that you can trust. You can find these on our list of top vendors that we recommend to you. These drug stores have been in business for years and they have always delivered quality medications in time.

77 Canada Pharmacy Buy Prescription List

Based on the evidence that we have already presented to you, we don’t advocate for anyone to consider ordering their medications from 77 Canada Pharmacy. The users in the reviews have already confirmed that the company will either ship fake drugs or ship nothing at all.

Prescription Pills

Prescription Pills

However, you don’t have to worry. There are still drug stores available online that you can order from and receive genuine drugs. These pharmacies are hard to find though. Before having confidence that you can order your medications from a certain pharmacy, it takes a lot of research and time. We have already done the investigation for you. You will not have to waste your time and money and also risk the possibility of receiving fake drugs. What you need to do is to consider using one of the drug stores that we have on our top-rated list of medication vendors.

77 Canada Pharmacy Coupon Code

The majority of reputable online drug stores will offer their users a chance to save a lot of cash by offering coupon codes. When doing our research for 77 Canada Pharmacy, we could not find any coupons available on this website or on any other website. However, if you are interested in a pharmacy that can offer you chances to save more of your money by making use of coupon codes, we have them on our list that contains pharmacies which have been proven to be genuine and legit.


Based on consumer comments available online, we would like to advise you to stay away from 77canada Pharmacy. Customers have reported that after ordering their meds and make the payment, they either received fake drugs, expired drugs or nothing at all. They also said that when they tried contacting the pharmacy itself and the staff was not helpful at all. These are all red flags that show you that this drugstore is a scam. Therefore, if you order your medications from them, you will end up losing your money, receiving fake drugs, and hence having to deal with even more medical issues.

On the other hand, the good news is that we have already investigated and determined the pharmacies that will offer you good services when you are dealing with them. The pharmacies that we have on our top-rated list offer you great delivery services, they offer you customer support through your purchase process, and they offer the best prices including coupon codes which will allow you to save even more money.