ABC Online Ordering: Have Your Wine Delivered at Home

ABC online ordering is a service offered by Virginia ABC store. ABC online is an alcoholic beverage store that offers wine among other kinds of distilled alcoholic beverages. Virginia ABC sells distilled liquors. It has physical stores in more than 17 states. VA ABC store is a store that only sells liquor to minor both online and in their physical stores.

To date, Virginia ABC has 365 stores and an online store that serves everyone that is above 21 years of age. Virginia is one of the 17 states in the US that are allowed to distribute distilled spirits and they are complying hard in ensuring that everyone is drinking responsibly and moderately. They also want to ensure that all alcohol consumers are taking distilled liquor in a safe environment.

Why should you choose ABC Online Ordering?

  • ABC online store is not just about earning money and selling distilled liquor, they also reach out to the community and educate people about drinking responsibly
  • ABC online store offers training and materials used by the community in terms of education programs
  • ABC Store provides funding in colleges and university programs
  • ABC provides trainings, permits and licenses to individuals and groups who want to learn the trade of distilled liquor. It involves wine making, selling, and marketing it

ABC Store

Most ABC outlets have every product or alcohol beverage that ABC Virginia offers. Some might be out of stock though. If you want a complete set of products, you can visit the ABC online ordering tool for Virginia and choose from their complete list of distilled liquor, wine, and brandy.

ABC Online Store

ABC Online Store

ABC Store offers bourbon, brandy, cocktails drink, cordials, gin, mixers, rum, schnapps, scotch, tequila, vermouth, Virginia wine, vodka, and whiskey. According to their website, their store has more than 2600 kinds of wine and alcoholic beverages. They also offer locally made and imported wine and liquor. If you cannot wait for your order online, you can check if you can pick it up from the nearest ABC store near you.

The website of ABC store is easy to use. If you prefer on sale wine, you can put a check mark on the word ‘sale’. Other filters to use are ‘limited availability’, Virginia-made, and new arrivals. You can also search by using the category button. You can choose from whiskey, vodka, cordials, rum or tequila. Once you have chosen your alcoholic beverage of choice, you can also find its price next to it. Different sizes are also available. For example, you want to order Jose Cuervo, you can 1 liter or 1.75 liter from the listed selection.

Indeed, with ABC online ordering, getting your party started is now easier and you won’t have to visit your local grocery store for your wine.

Virginia ABC Online Promotion

Promotion is one of the reasons why we shop online, whether it is medicine, food, or liquor. ABC Virginia also runs promotions on their website from time to time. At the time of this writing, ABC Virginia is promoting 39 new products on their website. Among those 39 products are 6 new distilled Virginia products. They are also promoting new ready to drink cocktails and scotches along with their new Japanese whiskey drink. ABC Virginia is also offering junior sized drinks that are available in 50 ml.

ABC Liquor Near Me

On the ABC online ordering website, they say that they have at least 365 branches in the commonwealth. Ordering online can be easy and convenient but what if you need your order as soon as possible and you cannot wait for it to get delivered?

ABC Branches

ABC Branches

Visiting ABC’s store locator is your next best move. With ABC’s store locator, you can easily find the stores near you. If you visit ABC’s ordering online site, you can check if the wine or liquor you want is available in the store near you. From their website, you will also find the distance of the store in kilometers, their phone number, and a direction on how to get there.

The stores of ABC Virginia are numbered hence you can identify the store near you with its numbers. The good news is, each store listed doesn’t just have a phone number, it also comes with their hours of operations.


Purchasing wine and distilled liquor online is now easier with websites like ABC Virginia. Before ordering your drink online, here are the things that you need to check:

  • Are you dealing with an international liquor store?
  • Are you dealing with a legit liquor store?
  • Check for reviews and regulatory licenses, are you dealing with a licensed liquor store?
  • Check their pricing
  • Check if they have a physical store that supplies the products they are selling online
  • Check for their policies and terms and agreement
  • Check their partner manufacturers to avoid paying for counterfeit alcoholic beverages

Finding a liquor store online is very easy. Since liquor is a commodity that everyone consumes (mostly), the demand for liquor is high especially for rare or imported wine and rums.

If you are going to order from ABC ordering online, the chance of receiving a counterfeit medicine is very low. This online ordering system is run by the government of Virginia. ABC Virginia stands for Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority hence the government ensure that they are selling genuine products only.

To date, at least 200 products can be found online although there are more than 2600 types of alcoholic beverages being sold by ABC. ABC ordering online site can be reached via (844) 694-9965 for questions and inquiries. Remember, before making an order online, make sure that you are dealing with a safe and secure website to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.