Adderall Refill Grace Period: Rules and Regulations on Controlled Drugs

Adderall is a drug that contains the stimulants dextroamphetamine and amphetamine. Stimulant drugs such as amphetamine and dextroamphetamine both central nervous system drugs that have an effect on chemicals within the brain and nerves that contribute to disorder and impulse management. Adderall is employed to treat hypersomnia and a focus deficit disorder called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD.

Adderall is a Schedule II drug, which means that the drug requires a prescription from a doctor with a specific license to prescribe the drug. Schedule two medications have a high potential for abuse and addiction and are therefore more difficult to acquire than regular prescription products. The drug Adderall belongs to the same class as narcotics like codeine and morphine, which means that Adderall is as dangerous to use without proper doctor supervision as these medications.

According to the stats for Adderall, its no Rx use has increased in the past years as users have learned that the drug is able to give a “high” feeling (or euphoria) since it allows the surge of dopamine in the brain. Apart from using it to get high, students also use the product to increase focus and alertness, which they think would benefit them when taking school examinations or to improve their school performance. Besides these off label uses, Adderall is also taken by individuals to suppress their appetite and assist in weight loss. All of these uses for Adderall lack science-backed evidence and are not recognized by the Food and Drug Administration.

Adderall Refill Grace Amount 2018

According to the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), practitioners may prescribe up to 90 a 90-day supply of drugs like Adderall to their patients. However, the following circumstances should be met in order for the patients to receive a 90-day supply prescription for meds like Adderall:

  • Prescription issued by the doctor/medical practitioner is for a “legitimate medical purpose” (for instance, Adderall for ADHD only and none of the off-label uses)
  • Prescriptions should have specific instructions for the Adderall prescription, like for instance, the earliest date where a specific pharmacy may dispense the drug
  • Doctors prescribing Adderall have the reason to believe that the patients with the multiple Adderall prescriptions has no potential for abuse or will not be using the drug for abuse
  • Prescription for Adderall should comply with existing state laws for the prescription of this product
  • Doctors prescribing the drug are fully compliant with the DEA requirements for Adderall prescription and all the applicable provisions in the state laws


Adderall Refill Laws

According to the DEA, Schedule II substances like Adderall may not be refilled. It is not stated in the provisions for Schedule II substances but patients may have another batch of Adderall as long as their doctor would write them a new script for the drug, depending on their need for the medication.

Although some sources say that patients can get their Adderall prescription refilled early, the government has zero tolerance for Adderall refills so patients who have run out of the product should get a new paper prescription for the product. In some cases though, patients can get new prescriptions for their Adderall even if their old prescription hasn’t run out yet. According to some doctors, they can prescribe new Rx if in case they need a stronger prescription for the product or if their meds met an accident – for instance, if the pills fell in the toilet, etc. There are no provisions in the law prohibiting doctors from prescribing a new Rx to patients who lost their meds or have had other excuses for a new Rx – as long as the doctors find the reason valid and do not see any potential for abuse, the prescriptions are legal.

Doctors are actually allowed to fax their prescriptions for Adderall and even call it in but only during emergency situations.

How Many Days Early Can You Refill Adderall?

This depends on your doctor – if your doctor can write your new Adderall refill earlier due to special reasons, you may be able to purchase your additional Adderall on time before it runs out. However, you have to prove that you have the need for the drug and show that you are not in any way using it for self-proclaimed purposes.

To answer this question, no one may get early refills for Adderall, but doctors may prescribe you a new batch in advance so you won’t run out of your medication.

CVS Adderall Refill Policy

For places just like the US, technically you’ll never “refill” Adderall prescription. Every fill of Adderall (each bottle) wants a brand new prescription. The doctor cannot write “2 refills”, it’s illegal and a pharmacy won’t honor it, even stores like CVS, Walgreens, Target, and other stores. This means that you’d have to wait for the proper time to refill your Adderall legally, provided your doctor still have a reason to believe that you still have the need for the product.


To be honest, there is no such thing as a grace period for Adderall refills at local pharmacies. The law has zero tolerance for refills of the drug – according to the DEA, all refills for Adderall is illegal due to its Schedule II status. The only way for patients to get another batch of Adderall from local pharmacies is to get a new prescription to replace their old ones. Patients should keep this in mind to avoid having conflicts with the law and follow the legal procedure for obtaining Adderall instead of pushing to have illegal refills using shady web pharmacies. For a list of safe online drugstores for Adderall, use our TOP Vendors list for the year.