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Canada Pharmacy – Another Canadian Online Shop with Great Reviews

Canada Pharmacy – Another Canadian Online Shop with Great Reviews

Canada Pharmacy Home Page

Canada Pharmacy is an online drugstore hailing from Canada. According to, it has over 50,000 satisfied patients since its inception, which indicates buyer liking for this online pharmacy. We searched for clues as to when this shop was created, but the shop did not have any information whatsoever about its creation date.

Although we can’t pinpoint the exact year when was incepted, there seems to be no question about this shop’s reliability considering its myriad of Canadian association approvals. Based on the shop’s info, Canada Pharmacy is an active member of prestigious groups like the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, The College of Pharmacists of British Columbia, TRUSTe, Shopper, and Norton.

С simulates a regular drugstore. It has plenty of products which buyers may use for a wide range of medical conditions, like for instance, blood pressure regulation, heart disease, erectile dysfunction, and many others. Like legitimate pharmacies, though, customers should be able to provide valid prescriptions before their Rx drug orders are processed. Buyers may submit their prescriptions via email or fax, or they can ask Canada Pharmacy to call their doctors for their prescriptions.

Unlike most online pharmacies, the Canada Pharmacy shop does not display the items which may be purchased by the customers. However, Canada Pharmacy provides a dedicated search function for consumers to use and has a separate page for certain products on sale. Here are several items from the store:

  • Shiseido Suncare Protect Spray Hair & Body SPF15: $15
  • Botoina Eye Cream 1000: $15
  • AHAVA Mud Mask for Oily Skin: $15

Consumers can rest assured that they can shop safely at Canada Pharmacy since the drugstore is able to offer them more than SSL security—the shop has a Norton Shopping Guarantee which gives the buyers the following sureties:

  • Up to $10,000 in ID theft recovery
  • Up to $1000 in satisfaction guarantee
  • Up to $100 in price protection

Concerning shipping, the shop charges $10 for per-order shipping payment, but the shop is offering other options like 1-year shipping ($20) or a “lifetime” shipping option ($50). Ironically though, this “Canadian” pharmacy only ships to the United States. Concerning payments, the shop did not have information as to what kind of payments it accepts, but it appears that the store honors credit card payments.

Canada Pharmacy Reviews

Canada Pharmacy was not bluffing when it mentioned that it had over 90,000 reviews from satisfied consumers. We were able to find on-site testimonials for this online platform, but surprisingly Canada Pharmacy also had external reviews from other online platforms. Some examples of these reviews are the following:

Canada Pharmacy Reviews

Reviews for Canada Pharmacy on Reseller Ratings were not actually elaborate, but they reflect excellence on Canada Pharmacy’s end. According to one user, bigjdee48, Canada Pharmacy’s service was reliable hence his 5/5 star rating.

On the one hand, a user with the pen name jkbowman47 mentioned that the shop had affordable rates which made him happy. He also gave Canada Pharmacy a score of 5/5 points.

Canada Pharmacy Reviews 2018

Not only Canada Pharmacy did have tons of reviews from its consumers—most of its buyer testimonials were recent and were from highly satisfied buyers. Here are some on-site reviews for Canada Pharmacy:

Canada Pharmacy Reviews 2018

Robert S rated Canada Pharmacy 5 out of 5 stars and mentioned that he enjoyed using Canada Pharmacy because of its lifetime free shipping. His rating implies that he would order again from the store.

Larry O also had an excellent rating for Canada Pharmacy and mentioned that this online drugstore helped him save up to 80% of his medicine cost as opposed to purchasing his medicines from US pharmacies.

Canada Pharmacy Reviews Summary

Canada Pharmacy Reviews Summary

Canada Pharmacy also had good ratings from reviews on—overall, the shop garnered 4.8 points out of 5, an average of 5,007 ratings for the pharmacy.

Canada Pharmacy Coupon

There are no coupon codes on Canada Pharmacy, but the shop is offering several deals for the buyers to use. Here are some Canada Pharmacy discounts:

Canada Pharmacy Free Shipping for Life

According to the Canada Pharmacy banners, Canada Pharmacy is offering a chance for buyers to earn $50 worth in store credits if they have referrals who were able to successfully purchase their orders from the store.

Canada Pharmacy is also offering a chance to get unlimited free shipping of their items on Canada Pharmacy, as long as they are willing to pay an initial amount of $50. Another option exists though—the 1-year free shipping option which only costs $20.

Canada Pharmacy Sale ItemsBesides the “free” shipping and referral discounts, the shop is also currently running a special sale (you can refer to the image above for some of the “on sale” items) where all of the items only cost $15 instead of their former prices.

Although not all of the products on Canada Pharmacy are on sale, the store’s deals for these several items are actually pretty good and will help the consumers maximize their savings.


Canada Pharmacy is a “Canadian” online drugstore that ironically ships only to the United States (and not Canada). This shop accepts only orders from consumers with valid prescriptions and requires the buyers to sign up before purchasing. All in all, I think the shop is good to use, although buyers may need to do a bit more research on the store because some of its on-site reviews feel redundant.