1st Choice Pharmacy Reviews: An Online Pharmacy Owned by Pharmacists

1st Choice Pharmacy is an online store that dispenses medicines at a very low price. It started as a local pharmacy in the US. 1stchoicepharmacy.net is owned and run by a family of licensed pharmacists and when the internet business started to become popular, they decided to branch out online. The tagline of 1st Choice is – “as always – free delivery.”

1st Choice has 5 physical stores where the orders are coming from when placed online. They have branches in Holiday Florida, Haines City, Florida, Sunrise Florida, Gaylord, Minnesota, and in New York City.

1stchoicepharmacy.net is a family-owned pharmacy. They started operating in 2011 and with a staff consisting of knowledgeable pharmacists, they were able to do their job accurately and perfectly that 1st Choice started branching out. 1st Choice is one of the few pharmacies that accept and honor medical insurances. Since their staffs are pharmacists, they can easily answer questions from customers. Their website is not fully functional as an online pharmacy but they do accept orders online. their delivery service is within the areas of their branches. If you want to know if your area can be serviced by 1st Choice Pharmacy, you can check it on their website or call them at 727-934-1300 | Fax: 727-674-1885. They also have a care number that can be reached at 727-940-3521.

1st Choice Pharmacy Offers

1st Choice began as a traditional pharmacy. They have a physical store and people who want to order or refill their prescriptions should visit their store to get it. to date, if you want to refill your prescription, you can use 1st Choice by going to their website and placing an order online. You can also dial their number to have your prescription delivered.

Why choose 1st Choice?

1st Choice is your one-stop pharmacy

1st Choice is your one-stop pharmacy. They offer services such as electronic MAR, they have emergency medication kits, they have medication carts, they have on-call services, they have back up pharmacies on each location, they have TB testing service to offer, they have low-management cost making the service and product they offer affordable, and they have courier service in the entire state of Florida, Minnesota, and New York.

1st Choice Pharmacy Davenport FL

The first branch of 1sr Choice can be found in Florida where they offer all the services and products they currently have.

In Florida, customers can take advantage of their retail pharmacy services where customers can order medicines online or via phone

In Florida, customers can take advantage of their retail pharmacy services where customers can order medicines online or via phone. Their orders can be picked up at the pharmacy or they can have it delivered, whichever is more convenient for them.

Among the things that 1st Choice Florida is proud of are:

  • They can refill prescriptions in less than 10 minutes
  • They offer phone service, you can call in and have your prescription refilled via phone and they will relay it to the nearest branch of 1st Choice near you
  • They accept Medicare and Medicaid among other health insurance cards
  • They offer Rx Synchronization hence if you have a prescription for a certain drug, you can order it from them monthly without needing to show your prescription again
  • They have a ’drug cost review program’ that allows patients to manage their treatment to make it more affordable
  • They offer counselling program about your health
  • They offer free blood glucose check up

For more information, you can contact 1st Choice Florida at 386-219-1988.

1st Choice Pharmacy Orlando

The branch of 1st Choice in Orlando believes that every patient is a family hence they offer personalized service. On their website, they only show what they offer as well as online ordering. Among the services offered by 1st Choice Orlando are medication reviews, services for diabetic patients like glucose blood testing, and compounding. To date, they accept mail orders, phone orders, and text orders. If you will send them your prescription in advance or if you are a returning customer, all you have to do is contact them and they will arrange the delivery of your medicine for you.

If you want to use online ordering, you have to create your account with 1st Choice. Once your account is up and running, you can easily view your prescription history and make a request for a refill. Prices for delivery and medicines are not available unless you make an order.

For more information about the services offered by 1st Choice Pharmacy Orlando, you can contact 407-243-2513.

1st Choice Pharmacy Reviews

In general, 1st Choice has a lot of positive reviews on their Facebook page. Among the reviews we found were shared by Lori and Danielle. Both reviews are 5-star reviews.

First Choice Pharmacy Reviews                                                                                                                                        Source: https://www

First Choice Pharmacy Reviews                                                                                                                                        Source: https://www

First Choice Pharmacy Reviews                                                                                                                                        Source: https://www.facebook.com/pg/1stchoicepharmacycompounding/reviews/

Based on her experience, Lori said that 1st Choice is indeed her first choice when it comes to ordering medicines. She loves the friendly and courteous staff of the pharmacy. She was even touched when her husband had to stay at the hospital for a month and she was not able to order from 1st Choice -they checked on her to ensure that everything was alright. The personal service was so appreciated by Lori.

The second review we found was from Danielle. She shared how a pharmacy treated her badly. unlike her experience with 1st Choice, where she was greeted warmly and with respect. Danielle said she was glad she switched to First Choice.

These two reviews of First Choice were about the time when they were still operating as a local pharmacy. We were unable to find reviews from their online customers yet. Still, such good reviews mean that 1st Choice is indeed a great pharmacy to have.


According to FDA, at least 96% of online pharmacies are fake. In order to determine if an online pharmacy is real or not, the first thing that you should check is if it is an affiliate store of a real pharmacy. In the case of 1st Choice, there is no question that the online service they offer is legit as they have 5 branches in the US, mainly in Florida.

1st Choice is one of the few online pharmacies that accept Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance cards. They are also offering extensive service such as on-call services, delivery of medicines anywhere in the state of Florida, New York, and Minnesota, and TB testing. For more information, you can contact 1st Choice thru 727-934-1300, their general phone number. This number is open 24/7.

With all the services that 1st Choice offers, we assume that their pricing is a bit high as compared to other online pharmacies. Still, the price that you need to pay might be worth it as this is a legit pharmacy delivers real medicines. The risks of ordering from online pharmacies that offer cheap drugs are that they can be fake or scammers.

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