Good Drug Rx: Get Discounts When Buying Drugs Locally

Many people are coming to a realization that when they buy their medicines in the local stores, the price that they get is not ideal. In order to help people get their prices reduced, Goodrx was established. This is a website that also has a mobile app. The major goal of Good Rx is to ensure that patients don’t get overcharged when they are buying their drugs in the local pharmacies. GoodRx collects the prices and discounts that are available in more than 70,000 pharmacies located in the United States. They offer free printed coupons. These coupons can also be sent via the mail or as a text message to your phone.

With GoodRx, you have the potential to save more than 80% of the money that you are currently paying for your meds. After doing their own research, GoodRx found out that even for pharmacies that are opposite each other in the same street can have the price for the same drug differing by over $100. GoodRx also discovered that insurances are passing 25-80% of the drug costs to the patient. GoodRx offers an average customer who uses their website or app before purchasing their drugs a chance to save $276 every year on their prescription drugs. Using GoodRx is free.

GoodRx Reviews

We decided to find out whether what GoodRx is saying about helping people save money when buying drugs is true. The only way to figure this out was through checking what people who have used their services had to say. The following are the reviews for GoodRx:

GoodRx User Testimonial

GoodRx User Testimonial

Brook M. is thrilled after using GoodRx and finding that it actually works. The total amount of money that he saved was 55%. He was shocked to note that his insurance co-pay was $241.03. He had been expecting a $20.00 co-pay. He found that he could not afford his drugs. After getting confused for a couple of hours, he went to his doctor. The doctor told him about GoodRx and he even looked up the price that GoodRx was offering. He finally managed to pay $107. He thanks GoodRx for saving his health and making sure that his drug maintenance won’t lapse.

GoodRx Reviews (Source: https://www

GoodRx Reviews (Source:

Steve S. says that GoodRx worked flawlessly for him. He saved $114 on a single prescription. He took the script and the coupon that he had printed from the GoodRx website to Walmart and they refilled his prescription using the GoodRx price without any problems. He says that he will use GoodRx again.

Dennis H. has used GoodRx two times at 2 different stores. He says that so far all he has gotten are great results. He was able to save approximately $73 on one prescription. He will keep using GoodRx.

Every review that we found on the web regarding GoodRx was positive. People were reporting that this website had helped them save more money than even their insurances. This shows you that you will be able to save your money when you use GoodRx.

Best Prescription Discount Card

A prescription card is a special type of card that you can use every time you want to purchase your prescription meds. This card will allow you to pay less than you would have paid before using the card. There are numerous coupon and promo codes providers available online who offer the discount cards. One of the cards that we found was being offered by GoodRx. The following is the card:

GoodRx Prescription Discount Card

GoodRx Prescription Discount Card

To get the discount card from GoodRx, you will not be required to pay anything. The card is totally free. However, this card will allow you to get 80% discounts when you use it in the United States pharmacies. The card can be used by everyone as long as they are your family members. You can obtain your pet meds at a discount using the same card. There are no hidden fees or quantity limits. You can use it for as long as you want. For you to get the card, you will need to fill out your first name, your last name, the street address, the city you live in, the state, the Zip code, and your email address.

Cheapest Place to Get Prescriptions Filled Without Insurance

It is true that websites like GoodRx will help you to save a lot of cash when you are buying drugs on the web. However, in the local stores even after using the coupon code or your discount card, you will still pay a high price. You deserve to pay the lowest price for your drugs. This is what online drug stores offer to their customers. We have the proof. The following price list is for an online store and it contains the prices for the most common prescription drugs.

Cheap Prescription Drugs Online Price

Cheap Prescription Drugs Online Price

As you can see in the above price list, you will be required to pay a maximum of 14% for your drugs. On average, you will be saving 90% on all your drugs. Your savings can even go as high as 97% and hence require you to pay a mere 3%. The above price is guaranteed to every customer. But, in order to enjoy low prices and not receive fake drugs, you will need to use a genuine online store. We recommend the pharmacies in our catalog since we have already investigated them and made sure that they will never offer substandard drugs or services.


GoodRx allows their customers to save a lot of money on their drugs when they are buying them locally. However, for people who would like to save over 90% of their money, buying their drugs online is the best thing that they can do. Online stores offer you a low price and still allow you to use coupons. The stores we have in our catalog will save you thousands of dollars, sell you great medications, and deliver these meds to you without any delays. Avoid random stores which promise low prices since these are being run by scammers.