Legalonlinepharmacy Reviews: An Online Pharmacy with Mixed Reviews

Legal online pharmacy is an online dispensary that offers generic medicines. They do not have any branded medicines on their shelves, as they want to offer the most affordable drugs only. All medicines offered by are from India and are Indian-FDA approved. Their website indicates that all of their products are shipped out from India hence we assume that this online store is located in India.

Based on the information we found on their website, this online pharmacy has been operating since 2012. They offer a wide range of medications such as erectile dysfunction drugs, ADHD medicines, pain relief drugs, sleeping pills, and weight loss pills. Most of the medicines they offer are pain relief drugs.

Just like any other online pharmacies, seems to be legal in its name only. This website also offers international shipping and they accept payment thru credit card. The credit cards being accepted are Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. They only offer one method of shipping and that is thru EMS or Express Mail. It means that orders will be delivered within 7 to 10 business days. The shipping cost is dependent on the country of destination and you can find out about it after processing an order. This is before you make a payment.

For the best option to contact their support team, Legal Online Pharmacy provided an email address: This e-store offers refund and reshipping of order free of charge. If you will order from this online store and encountered a problem, do not hesitate to contact their support team.

Legalonlinepharmacy Reviews 2017

Because of the risks associated with online shopping, we always want to be on the safe side to avoid becoming a scam victim. What we normally do is check customer reviews and shared experiences in order to gauge the reliability of each online pharmacy.

Legalonlinepharmacy On-Site Reviews

Legalonlinepharmacy On-Site Reviews

As for Legal Online Pharmacy, we were able to find mix reviews. We found these reviews shared by Mark, Mike, and DN. According to these men, they received their orders and it all worked well. Mike even said that he was impressed with the fast delivery time. As for DN, he said he was too happy with it the service he experienced with it. The reviews are a part of the site’s content so they are not trusted.

After the good on-site reviews, we also found some negative authentic reviews for Legalonlinepharmacy such as the following:

Legalonlinepharmacy Complaints

Legalonlinepharmacy Complaints

Legalonlinepharmacy Customer Complaints

Legalonlinepharmacy Customer Complaints

The first negative review was shared by Robert who now believes that Legal Online Pharmacy is a fake after receiving his order and believing that it was fake.

The second negative story we found for Legal Online was from a forum. On the forum, one member said that he placed an order but received nothing. His card was charged.

These mixed reviews for Legal Online Pharmacy is a wakeup call for all to be aware when making a purchase online. If you want a safer shopping experience but don’t want the hassle of finding a store to trust, you can check our list of recommended online pharmacies.

Products of Legalonlinepharmacy

The main products of Legalonlinepharmacy are generic medicines. They offer erectile dysfunction drugs, pain relief medications, sleeping pills, and weight loss pills. There are other medicines on their list yet erectile dysfunction medicines and pain relievers are their bestsellers.

A tablet of generic Viagra is sold at this store for

A tablet of generic Viagra is sold at this store for $1.44 apiece while a generic Levitra costs $3. They also offer Cialis Soft, Generic Cipro, Daklinza, and Addyi. There are other medicines offered by Legitonlinepharmacy, most are generic brands that are rare to find.

For the ED medicines, their pricing is a bit higher as compared to other online pharmacies that offer generic erectile dysfunction drugs. This is one reason why it is important to compare at least 2 or 3 websites when buying online.

Legalonlinepharmacy Coupons

Most internet dispensaries are enticing new customers by offering perks and discounts. Others are using it to keep their customers loyal. As for Legal Online Pharmacy, they are also offering perks such as the following:

Legalonlinepharmacy Coupons

Legalonlinepharmacy Coupons

All orders regardless of the total price are eligible for free pills. All orders come with 4 generic Viagra Soft pills if the number of required order is met (20 pills at least). You can get more bonus pills if you will order more. If you will be ordering at least 60 pills of erectile dysfunction medicines, Priligy or Propecia, then you can get 10 free pills.

Increase your bonus pills to 20 by ordering at least 100 pills of any brand of erectile dysfunction medicines. You can also get 20 pills free if you will order at least 100 pills of Priligy or Propecia.

In addition to bonus pills, Legal Online Pharmacy also offers free Airmail Shipping on all orders above $200.


Legalonlinepharmacy is a generic online dispensary that aims to offer affordable medicines to anyone around the world. They cater and deliver orders anywhere in the world in as fast as 10 days. This online store’s main products are erectile dysfunction medicines and pain relief medicines.

As online buyers, we think 6 years of experience is enough for Legalonlinepharmacy to establish itself as a reliable online pharmacy. Unfortunately, they also rake in negative reviews alongside their good ones. This means that this e-store still has a lot to improve in order to stay longer in the business of selling medicines online.

In addition, it is also important for Legal Online Pharmacy to prove that their products are not fake like one of their customers had shared. Regardless, if the review was real or not, reading it gives us a negative vibe about this store because of the counterfeit product that they delivered.

Since we are shopping medicines online, be sure to order only from reputable online pharmacies such as the ones we have on our list of recommended internet stores. This way, you can avoid becoming a victim of fraudulent websites.