Legitimate Canadian Pharmacy: Order Your Drugs from Real Pharmacies

For a long time, Canadian pharmacies have been the most preferred source of medications to many people who do not necessarily reside in Canada. This has been made possible by the genius move that Canadian pharmacies made and moved their services on the web. Now, everyone irrespective of where they are in the world has the ability to receive their drugs without them needing to even move out of their house. The problem that most people have been facing especially those who are new to shopping for meds on the web is the fact that illegitimate stores are trying as much as they can to lie to them and steal their money.

There are some factors that can differentiate a legitimate pharmacy from an illegitimate Canadian pharmacy. One of the factors is whether the pharmacy has received accreditation from CIPA. CIPA regulates how the pharmacies that offer their services on the web but have their headquarters in Canada operate. Another thing that can help you is looking at the reviews that the pharmacy has. If a pharmacy has many reviews and the larger percentage of those reviews are positive, then, that pharmacy may be legitimate. Just make sure that the reviews you are looking at are on an external review collecting site since most rogue pharmacies usually create their own positive reviews to sway your decision and place them on their website.

Is it Legal to Order Meds from Canada?

For you to be safe, you will need to avoid getting into problems with the law. For this reason, before you can go ahead and order your meds from Canada, you need to understand the legal side of things. We have looked for answers in the question and answer forum known as Quora in order to help you understand this in a better way.

Canadian Drugs Legal

Canadian Drugs Legal

The question for which we are getting an answer to is from someone who was wondering whether he would get into any trouble if he ordered his meds from Canada or Mexico. The answer comes from someone who has been working at a senior position in the Mail order pharmacy space. According to Brock, the problems with the law enforcers may arise if you buy drugs that have not been approved by the Food and Drug Association. Brock tells us that this rule is not enforced as long as the medications that you are purchasing are not more than a 90-days supply, you have a legal prescription from a qualified doctor, and what you are buying cannot be classified under the controlled substances category.

Brock goes ahead to tell us that millions of people who live in America are already ordering their drugs online from mail-order pharmacies which are not particularly located in America. Brock says that it is important to make sure that you use only pharmacies which have been investigated and proven to offer great services by sites like Pharmacy Checker and CIPA.

Legal Canadian Drug Stores

Legal Canadian Drug Stores

Adam says that generally speaking, it is legal to buy the meds that you need from Canadian pharmacies. However, you have to be very cautious in order to ensure that you get actual meds and not fakes or counterfeits. Adam recommends the use of Canadian online pharmacies. He also recommends the use of a credit card in order to ensure that you are protected if the transaction does not go well.

Everyone agrees to the fact that you can buy your drugs from a legitimate Canadian pharmacy. Now, the big question is, is there any Canadian pharmacy that can be considered as being legitimate? Let’s find out.

Legitimate Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

We had mentioned at the beginning of the article that one of the ways through which you can find out whether you are dealing with a legitimate or an illegitimate pharmacy is by checking the reviews that the pharmacy has. We searched for the reviews that could prove to you that you can find a legitimate Canadian pharmacy on the web:

Legitimate Canadian Pharmacy Reviews (source: https://www

Legitimate Canadian Pharmacy Reviews (source: https://www.bbb.org/manitoba/business-reviews/online-pharmacy/canada-drugs-ltd-in-winnipeg-mb-14502/reviews-and-complaints)

Joyce says that she has been using a Canadian pharmacy for several years now. She has been buying a brand name prescription from the pharmacy since the same prescription is overly expensive in the local stores even if she has insurance. She recommends the Canadian pharmacy for its prices, services, and product.

Margret K is happy with the service that she has been receiving from a Canadian pharmacy. She receives all her meds on time. She recommends the pharmacy to anyone. Trish says that she has been getting her medicines from a Canadian pharmacy for three years and she can truthfully say that she has found the store to be both reliable and professional.

These reviews are not for all the Canadian pharmacies. Many of the stores that claim to be located in Canada are scammers. Our catalog contains the only pharmacies which have the above reviews.

Legitimate Canadian Pharmacy Mail Order

Mail order is a great way to have your meds delivered to you without any delays. However, this is applicable only when your meds are originating from a legitimate store. If the store is illegitimate, your meds will never arrive. In most cases, your drugs will arrive within a period of 3 weeks. A legitimate Canadian pharmacy will offer you the ability to track your package when it is being shipped.


Legitimate Canadian pharmacies are available. However, it is hard to locate them. What this tells you is that you need to exercise caution when buying your meds on the web. You can do this by choosing to avoid random stores which claim that they have their location in Canada. Statistics have already proven to us that 90% of all those stores that claim to have their location in Canada are rogue. We have compiled a list of top-rated pharmacies which are located in Canada and offer genuine meds and services. This list is regularly revised in order to ensure that the pharmacies that we have here are always offering great services.