Online Pharmacy Mexico: A Canadian-Based E-Store with Mexican Name

For an online pharmacy in Mexico, you can check the Mexican Pharmacy Online. This website has the banner of Mexico Care Pharmacy, probably an affiliate online pharmacy. Although it says in its name that it is a Mexican drugstore, they have a dedicated support team for customers in the US, the UK, and AU. This website also accepts payment in different currencies such as USD, GBP, and AUD.

Based on the information from their website, Mexican Pharmacy Online has been around since 2010. The design of their website is simple and easy to use. It comes with a list of medical categories that have drugs for like allergies, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, depression, arthritis, gums problem, skin care, and treatment for smoking, weight loss pills, hypertension, and pain relief.

Mexican Pharmacy Online’s offer is limited to generic medicines only. They believe that generic medicines are as effective as its branded counterpart is. The medicines offered by this online pharmacy are different in shape, color, and price as compared to its branded counterparts. All medicines offered by this online pharmacy in Mexico are from India and are Indian FDA approved. These medicines are shipped from India as well.

Online Pharmacy Mexico Review

Reviews are what we use when considering a certain store or product. Customers reviews are the best way to determine a store’s service quality including their products’ quality. With so many options when it comes to online pharmacies, we decided to check some of the reviews of Online Pharmacy Mexico to determine their reliability as an online pharmacy based on their customers’ experiences.

Online Pharmacy Mexico Review

Online Pharmacy Mexico Review

We chose four reviews of Mexican Pharmacy Online to use as our base in checking the reliability of this e-store. These testimonials were shared by Denis, Mark, Timothy, and Maria. For the first testimony, Denis said that he was happy with the shipping and delivery time of his order. He added that using this e-dispensary allowed him to save money and time.

The second review from Mark is about thanking this e-store for having a friendly customer service team. He said that the products are of high quality and that he was feeling happy he found them.

The review from Timothy airs the same sentiments as Denis and Mark. Timothy was just happy that he finally found an online pharmacy that he can rely on even if he is in Canada.

Maria Bonazzi of Sao Paolo shared that the medicine she ordered from Mexican Pharmacy Online saved her marriage. Maria said that when her husband started having erectile dysfunction problem, their relationship started to fall apart as well. Maria is now satisfied with the effect of the medicine she is getting from Mexican Pharmacy Online.

These four customers of Mexican Pharmacy Online are well-satisfied and happy customers. Among the things, they mentioned that made them happy are the timely delivery of their orders from Mexican Pharmacy Online, the high quality of the drugs they received and the efficient and helpful customer service staff of this e-store. For more information about online pharmacies that you can trust, you can also check our list of recommended online pharmacies.

Best Online Pharmacy Mexico

Do you need the best online pharmacy in Mexico if you want to order a medicine online? The answer is no! If you are looking to refill your prescription online and you are a Mexican resident, there is no need for you to stick with a Mexican online store. Although the Mexican Pharmacy Online has the word ‘Mexican’, it doesn’t mean that it is a Mexican online dispensary. Still, you can order from them wherever you are.

For the best online pharmacy in Mexico, you can choose from our list of recommended online pharmacies. These e-stores offer popular medicines online such as erectile dysfunction drugs, weight loss pills, and hair loss treatment.

Cheap Online Pharmacy Mexico

Mexican Pharmacy Online offers cheap medicines. A short visit on their page allowed us to check some of their products like generic Viagra that is sold for $0.80 per tablet. They also offer Viagra Professional that costs $1.09 per tablet and female Viagra for $0.86 per tablet.

A generic Cialis pill can be bought from this e-store for as low as $1.38 apiece. They also have other variants of erectile dysfunction medicines like Viagra and Cialis Professional, Viagra and Cialis Super Active, Viagra and Cialis Soft, Kamagra Effervescent, Levitra Processional and Apcalis SX.

Aside from these cheap erectile dysfunction medicines, they also offer affordable weight loss pills like Lysexl and Xenical. For skin care, you can also check their offers such as Accutane, Eurax, Differin, and Acticin.

Products of Mexican Pharmacy Online

Products of Mexican Pharmacy Online


Finding an online pharmacy to trust if you are in Mexico is not easy especially since there are too many scammers online. One of the e-stores we found though that offers Mexican the products they deserve is Mexican Pharmacy Online. Although it bears the word Mexican in its name, Mexican Pharmacy Online is a Canadian online pharmacy.

This Canadian online store offers affordable generic medicines. They only sell generic medicines in an effort to provide affordable medicines to their customers. Mexican Pharmacy Online believes that every customer deserves to be treated hence they want to reach as many customers as possible.

If you are still on the lookout for an online pharmacy to try, you can check what Mexican Pharmacy Online can offer. In addition, you can also check our list of reliable and trusted online pharmacies. Among the things that you can check to determine if an online store is reliable are customer reviews, terms and agreement they provide, policies laid out for their customers, and prices. Don’t forget to check the security that a website offers especially when it comes to your personal information such as credit card data.