Online Prescription Canada

When we talk about the prices of drugs that treat serious ailments especially in the US, they are very high. The cost of some drugs run up to tens of thousands of dollars in a year. It becomes even worse when some of these drugs are not covered by insurance. There have been several complaints and protests about these high prices, but prices of drugs are still on the increase. So, many patients look to Canadian pharmacies for help regarding cheap prices. Canadian pharmacies sell prescriptions at much cheaper prices than the conventional high price in the US and some other countries. Patients have reported that buying prescriptions from Canada has helped them save thousands of dollars. Though the FDA has made attempts to dissuade patients from buying drugs from foreign pharmacies or online businesses that offer to buy your prescriptions for you cheaply. They claim that these medicines may not be effective, adding that they are unable to monitor the quality of the meds shipped from other countries. But, over the years, there have been no complaints from patients who buy their prescription drugs from legitimate Online pharmacies in Canada. Legitimate pharmacies in Canada are regulated by the regulatory bodies in their regions. Without reaching the quality that pertains to the region in which they operate from, they would not be accredited. You may wonder; is buying prescriptions from Canada legal? Is it safe? How do you know which online pharmacies in Canada to trust? If it is true that drugs are cheaper in Canada are they of quality and are they trustable? We would be addressing all these in this write-up.

Online Prescription Drugs from Canada

The fact that getting your prescriptions from Canada saves you a whole lot of money draws the attention of many patients. In the past decade, millions of American patients have resorted to buying prescriptions from pharmacies in Canada.

Buying Prescription Meds Online from Canadian Pharmacy

While it is in fact not legal, several patients still engage in making orders from pharmacies. They really cannot be blamed. Who wants to spend every penny he’s got on a drug when there is an avenue to buy the same quality of drug at a cheaper price. Furthermore, it may not be legal to get drugs from international pharmacies but we have not seen anyone prosecuted for it. Also, millions of orders have gone through the border without glitches. If you do not desire to have problems with your orders, you have to adhere to certain instructions that would ensure your order makes it to your location.

•    Don’t order narcotics, tranquilizers, or any controlled substance. If you do, the authorities would hold on to your package.

•    Make sure your order is within the range of 90 tabs. Anything that exceeds the range of 90 tabs would attract the attention of the authorities because it won’t be regarded for personal use.

•    You should write the address where you want your package delivered correctly. And ensure the Canadian pharmacy you are making your order from delivers to that location.

These tips should ensure your package reaches your destination without any issues. If there are issues with your order, a legitimate Canadian pharmacy would either offer to reship your package or refund your money.

Is it Safe Buying Online Prescription Drugs from Canada

When talking about safety in regard to online pharmacies, there are several things to bear in mind. The first thing would be the quality of the drugs sold by the pharmacy. So many online pharmacies dispense counterfeit drugs that contain no or too many active ingredients and other harmful ingredients; which could cause great damage to your health. A legitimate online Canadian pharmacy accredited and approved by the regulatory agencies in their region would never ship counterfeit drugs to its patients. One of the accreditations you should look out for is the CIPA accreditation. Other accreditations to look out for would be VIPPS and Pharmacy Checker. Check the images of their seals below.

image2 20image4 15Accreditation Seals

Accreditation Seals

Another thing to look out for regarding safety with online pharmacies is if your data supplied are protected. To know a protected website, check the address bar of your browser; before http, you would see a padlock sign. This signifies that the website is protected and secured. All legitimate Canadian online pharmacies usually have their platform secured. Often times you see them display the seal of the verification of a top-notch security company like Norton and McAfee. In addition, to be sure you are making your order from a safe Canadian pharmacy ensure they have a physical address in Canada from which they operate written on their website. Not all online pharmacies that claim to be a Canadian pharmacy are truly based in Canada. Some operate from another country and thus are not regulated; making them totally unsafe.

Ordering Prescription Drugs from Canada without Prescription

Note that the first red flag that shows a Canadian pharmacy is not safe is when it attempts to sell a prescription drug to you without requesting a prescription from you. This is not in accordance with the laws governing online Canadian pharmacies. All legitimate Canadian Online pharmacies are expected to request a prescription from your doctor which attests that you have been examined and the drug you request to purchase was actually prescribed for you. Most times Canadian online pharmacies confirm your prescription before dispensing your drugs to you. For your own safety make sure you do not make orders from Canadian pharmacies that do not ask for prescriptions for medicines which require one.


While ordering prescriptions drugs from Canada may be penny-wise. Ensure you are not pound foolish by purchasing your meds from illegitimate online Canadian pharmacies. For legitimate pharmacies that can be absolutely trusted, check our top list of recommended pharmacies. Also, we remind you to be watchful of scammers.