Pharmacy Online USA: Staying Safe and Enjoying the Best of Prices on Generics

Online pharmacies have become the commonest medium through which patients get their drugs. The advantages of ease and privacy cannot be disputed for being factors for patients giving online pharmacies preference over buying from local drugstores. Online pharmacies also make price comparison easy as you are able to compare prices from your computer without having to go through the stress of moving from one drugstore to another. And ultimately choose the best price. In short, online pharmacies facilitate a stress-free purchase, privacy, and cheaper prices. Online pharmacies have also made it easy for US patients to import drugs from other countries that sell them cheaper, like Canada. Gone are the days when patients have to plan trips to Canada for the sole aim of getting their prescription drugs for a cheaper price. The advent of online pharmacies has made it possible to get drugs from other destinations without having to leave yours. Nevertheless, people always have certain fears when making purchases of drugs online. Fears of not getting the original drug ordered for, fears of delayed or no delivery at all, and fears of compromised financial and personal information. In this article, we would be sharing information about purchasing drugs online and ensuring your safety while doing so.

Is Buying from Online Pharmacy USA Legal?

Buying drugs online in the US is not illegal at all. In fact, a great percentage of patients would rather buy their drugs online to get the best deals. However, you have got to be smart while making drug orders from online pharmacies just for your own safety. The activities of many online pharmacies are monitored by regulatory agencies. But bear in mind that not all online pharmacies are accredited by the regulatory bodies in their various locations. Like the Food and Drug Agency (FDA) warns patients that not all online pharmacies are legit. Some draw your attention with ridiculously low prices and often offer to sell prescription drugs to you without a prescription from your doctor. They are not licensed and thus sell counterfeit and unapproved drugs that would pose a great threat to your health. Some pharmacies also claim to be Canadian pharmacies but they operate from outside of Canada and have no ties to this country. They often display the Canadian flag on their websites. To ensure your safety you have to be able to spot licensed United States online pharmacies. Check out a few tips that would help you in this regard below

•    A United States licensed pharmacy operates from within the US and has a valid street address.

•    They do not sell drugs at prices too good to believe.

•    They also do not sell prescription drugs without a prescription.

•    They have a US state-licensed pharmacist on their team who can professionally answer all your questions.

•    A safe online pharmacy is licensed by your state board of pharmacy. They have accreditations from agencies such as; FDA, MIPA, CIPA, and Pharmacy Checker.

•    Their online platform is secured by a security encryption in order to ensure your personal information supplied is safe and your payment details are not also compromised by scammers.

Pharmacy Online USA Viagra

You may desire to buy Viagra online and you are wondering if you could try an online pharmacy. Oh yeah, you can! Several individuals would buy a drug like Viagra online for the sake of keeping their sexual ordeal private. You can also get Viagra from pharmacies in Canada that source for the same Pfizer produced Viagra and sell it to you up to 70% lower than the price in the United. So, Viagra via online pharmacies could be a great idea as long as you buy it from a licensed online pharmacy. And identifying a licensed online pharmacy should not be a problem following the tips we shared above.

Note that you would need a valid prescription to buy Viagra from an online pharmacy. If you don’t have a doctor’s prescription you could simply buy a generic Viagra as generics don’t require a prescription.

Which Online Pharmacy Can You Trust?

Now, you may ask which pharmacy can you trust? If you want our recommendation, then we suggest that you try Pharmacy Mall.

Pharmacy Mall Homepage Image

Pharmacy Mall Homepage Image

It is a legitimate pharmacy with all the required pharmaceutical accreditations and a top-notch shipping service. It is a subsidiary of Canadian pharmacy LTD which is a licensed online international pharmacy.  Apart from their accreditations from MIPA, CIPA, Pharmacy Checker, and FDA; there are so many reasons why we confidently recommend this pharmacy to you.

  • They sell drugs at the best prices on the web
  • You get free pills with every order you make from their platform.
  • You also have access to free shipping when your order reaches $200
  • You can be serviced on their website in 16 languages and can also pay in up to 5 currencies
  • Their platform is Norton secured.
  • They have licensed pharmacists on their team.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

Let’s take a look at what customers have to say about Pharmacy Mall. This would further buttress our point about the claims that it is a top quality pharmacy.

Pharmacy Mall Customer Reviews Image

Pharmacy Mall Customer Reviews Image

The first reviewer Matthew from the USA tells us that “delivery was Ok”. The second customer, Simona, also from the United States shares with us that he’s happy ordering from Pharmacy Mall saying “everything okay”. The third customer Kaiman from the United Kingdom tells us that his order was “promptly processed”. Smith .S. also from the UK has great things to say about Pharmacy Mall. He has this to say “Great experience”. The last customer in the snippet of reviews is Dorothy from Andora. She says her overall experience was excellent. She ends her comment saying “great value for money”.


Buying drugs online could be a great choice if you are one that does not want to go through the stress and also want to enjoy privacy and great prices. However, you have to ensure you make your purchase from a licensed online pharmacy for your safety. Making your purchase from Pharmacy Mall is advisable f you want to be safe and enjoy the best of prices on generic products. To get other pharmacies that you could trust check our top list of recommended pharmacies. And ensure you beware of scammers while making orders for your drugs online.