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The web has made it possible for anyone to gain access to the pills they need. The problem is that this very same web gas given the scammers a chance to trick people and acquire money illegally. This they will do by creating websites that resemble real online pharmacies that sell real pills. According to NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy) which was established in 1904, there are more than 35000 websites on the web that claim to sell pills. Out of all these websites, only 10 percent will sell real pills to you. The rest are rogue stores. On a daily basis, more than 20 more pill sellers are established on the web.

The fake pharmacies make it harder for people to obtain their genuine pills. More people are realizing that this trickery is going on in the web. Also, these people have realized that the web is their gateway to cheap over the counter drugs and prescription drugs. For this reason, men and women want to know how they can acquire real pills and avoid using fake pills which can damage their health. One way to do this is by using a pill Identifier.

Pill Identifier

A pill identifier is a tool that will help you determine the exact identity of your pill. It will let you know whether what you received is the real meds or it is some fake medications. Pill identifiers are usually offered by websites that offer health related information. Two of the most popular pill identifiers are offered by WebMd.com and Drugs.com. The pill identifier indicated below originates from drugs.com website.

Pill identifier

Pill identifier

Using a pill identifier is easy. Everyone can do it. To use this tool you will need to check the imprints on the pill. For example, the above Pill Identifier from Drugs.com offers you an example of what you need to do. The pill has the imprints 9 and 3 on one side and 5510 on the other side. You will need to enter these details in the first text box. Second, you will need to select the color of the pill from the drop-down box that appears when you click on the select color drop-box. Finally, you will need to select the shape of the pill on the final text box. On clicking the search button, the pill identifier should be able to search the database and provide you with the results. Many pill identifier tolls will even include the pills pictures.

Buy Safe Pills

Although using a pill identifier to check whether what you received is the real meds is as easy as described above, it is not ideal. This is because it is time-consuming. Also, even if you manage to check for the pill identity and discover that it is a fake pill before you take it and hence avoid messing your health, you will still have wasted your money buying the pills.

The best idea is to buy the pills that you know they are already safe and you won’t even need to use a pill identifier. You can achieve this by sourcing your meds from a genuine and legitimate online store. When buying drugs online, there some simple things that can tell you whether a store is safe to buy pills from. The first thing that you should look at is their consumer reviews. If a store has the courtesy to offer great services and safe pills, their consumers will have the courtesy to leave positive reviews for them. This tells you a safe online store should have a large number of positive reviews. Try and find reviews which are available on an external website because the pharmacy cannot manipulate these reviews.

Another thing that you should observe is the number of customers that the store has served. A great pharmacy will have a large number of new customers as well as repeat customers. Finally, check the period that the store has been in operation. A genuine store will have been in operation for a long time.

Some of these things are hard for you to identify on your own. Pharmacies may even lie and trick you. For this reason, we have made it our job to investigate online pharmacies. If we locate an online pharmacy that will offer you great services and has a great reputation, we will add it to our top-rated list for you to use. Before recommending any pharmacy, we will order meds from them and ensure that they deliver safe pills.

Best Online Pharmacy to Buy Safe Pills

The list can be long since there is more than one online pharmacy that will offer great pills. If you want to access this list, check our catalog. Out of all the pharmacies that we have investigated and determined that they usually offer great services, great prices and great pills, an online store known as Online Pills has stood out.

Online Pills Homepage

Online Pills Homepage

This store has continued to gain fame and popularity after being in business for over 17 years due to offering safe pills and keeping the prices as low as possible. To prove this to you, let’s consider the price for Viagra which is visible above. If you were to buy your Viagra in the local store, you will not pay less than 70 dollars. At Online Pills pharmacy, you pay $0.27. This means that you save $69.73. This is equivalent to saving 99.61%. If you are ready to get safe pills at a price that you will enjoy, Online Pills is the pharmacy that you should use.


For people who are looking to get access to safe pills, searching for online pharmacies in the search engines will mislead you and cause you to fall into the traps of fake stores. The best way to discover a safe pharmacy that offers great pills is to use our top-rated catalog. Any pharmacy that we place in this catalog is investigated and proven to be a top-performer. Don’t lose your money and health by buying unsafe pills from fake online pharmacies while our top-rated catalog has the best stores that are available on the web.